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It was actually the tweet that swapped in Jewish for White, that got her suspended

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Yep. They're using the black one in most media outlets on this story. But the black tweet is still up. The Jewish tweet got removed.

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This, to me, is the bigger angle. The fact that the media is pretending it was the "black" that got her banned while altogether ignoring the "jewish" tweet, which is what actually this is about. They don't want even want it discussed for fear people will catch on. Unreal.

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The JQ is the last Red Pill.

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I thought she only did Black and some asshat goat edited it to Jewish. Proof or archive she did the Jewish tweet? Because that's def a JQ red pill if so.

EDIT: there definitely was a version of the Jewish tweet, and it definitely caused the Twitter conniption fit, not the black tweet.