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It was actually the tweet that swapped in Jewish for White, that got her suspended

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Yep. They're using the black one in most media outlets on this story. But the black tweet is still up. The Jewish tweet got removed.

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This, to me, is the bigger angle. The fact that the media is pretending it was the "black" that got her banned while altogether ignoring the "jewish" tweet, which is what actually this is about. They don't want even want it discussed for fear people will catch on. Unreal.

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The JQ is the last Red Pill.

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I thought she only did Black and some asshat goat edited it to Jewish. Proof or archive she did the Jewish tweet? Because that's def a JQ red pill if so.

EDIT: there definitely was a version of the Jewish tweet, and it definitely caused the Twitter conniption fit, not the black tweet. http://dailycaller.com/2018/08/05/twitter-suspends-candace-owens/

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The stupidity here is just too much for me to even wrap my head around. Usually with leftists, they'll be ridiculously hypocritical, but exposing this hypocrisy and justifying how it's so usually causes a mental gymnastics argument in which said justifications need to be made. Here, it's just such a fucking obvious case of it, it's a slam dunk that doesn't need any discussion whatsoever. It's a literal double standard, it is not possible to even be any more hypocritical than this. Every time I think they can't possible be this level of stupid, they outdo themselves.

Edit: also I should mention, damage has been done. There's no way for Jew York Times or Yidder to walk this back. There's nothing they could do to apologize or gain people's trust, which was already in the fucking toilet before this started. It's amazing how these fucking authoritarian hypocrites can shoot themselves in the foot so many times in a row...and even more amazing that there are so many people in the country with an unshaken belief in them as a legit news source.

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You think even the liberal leaders have jumped the shark and are just seeing how mind warped their followers are? Lets see just what we can get away with before everything goes to shit - kind of deal

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would be perfectly in line with their absolute arrogance.

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Thankfully, this hypocrisy, and the shit with James Gunn, seems to be bringing Leftist hysteria down somewhat. The normal people in this country are finally waking up to this nonsense. CNN's credibility is gone, and so is the NYT. They fire Roseanne and then Hollywood all defends James Gunn for pedophilia jokes. They're discrediting themselves at every turn. I give it a few more years before people finally have the ability to speak out without being crucified in public.

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They fire Roseanne and then Hollywood all defends James Gunn

Although they defended James Gunnn, he was eventually fired.

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Hypocrisy is a worthless concept in terms of politics.

It's our tribe vs their tribe. What's good for us is bad for them, and what's good for them is bad for us.

If the so called conservatives think they can win by virtue signalling about fair play then they've already lost.

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It is not worthless. Forcing people to see the hypocrisy weakens their position, which is bad for them, and therefore good for us, especially at the incredible frequency with which they exhibit said hypocrisy. It can be used to move people away from the jewish, progressive propaganda, and towards a realist POV.

If hypocrisy and highlighting it is worthless in terms of politics, then just talking about anything in general is useless in terms of politics and everything needs to come down to force. Good luck convincing people this is the way things need to go without using justifications for it, hypocritical subversion being ONE of those many justifications. "Open borders for Israel" is not a politically, or even existentially, useless phrase, and I'm sure it's one you've used.

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It's amazing how these fucking authoritarian hypocrites can shoot themselves in the foot so many times in a row...

Maybe they thaught the quake rocket jump was real

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She also replaced white with jew. That’s why.

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Fucking based

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Unfortunately that is false. Or as we used to called it a "malicious lie" before socialist media broke reality.

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What is false about it?

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Damn I like her.

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Unreal. They aren’t even bothering to hide it anymore. These people will never stop their bullshit until we make them.

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Indeed. The time for widespread targeted violence is here. We need a civil war.

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If we just killed all Jews this wouldn't be an issue.

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They'd just somehow make more.

Nature, uh, finds a way!

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I thought it was 'Jew' she replaced 'white' with? Did she do both? Lol

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She did, but this headline only mentions black. That site is compromised in my mind.

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The article mentions she changed both. I did not look into the timeline, but I am fairly certain the "black" modifications came later, then the suspension, which would favor the idea that the "black" ones caused the suspension. Then again, many think QAnon, Wikileaks, and the Daily Stormer are compromised by being false flags, and so might as well throw the Gateway Pundit into the mix.

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That's the (((communist))) MO; just look at ww2

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