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They project everything they are guilty of onto others.

Meathead had the nerve to say that state run media is supporting Trump . . lol

Everything they say is a lie. They say that we are violent while they beat us with bats.

Their rhetoric is getting tired. The commie nigger faggots that still believe the lies will be easy to weed out and exterminate when the time comes.

I think we can just assume that all of the CIA/FBI/NSA are commie nigger faggots. There aren't any speaking out against their fraud; so... so be it.

They are giving a huge voice to a small part of the population. We are the majority. They just want you to believe that everyone hates Trump, etc. . .

PS.. Acosta (and other Mockingbirds) has a bullet with his name on it. He wants to call for the assassination of the President. . . well, the shoe is on the other foot.. We have ops on him. He's currently ranked like Mad Maxine - he's his own worst enemy; so we're not going to make a martyr out of him yet.


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I was wondering why Acosta didn't get riggity rekt the very next day.