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Bestiality how do these dumb broads not see that. That was a rhetorical question it's these nasty whores are feminists to a point and watch the (((media))). I generally don't talk to or look at a black with a white woman. I just try to give unhealthy vibes. Madonna the kardashians and Heidi Klum are examples of who these girls watch and it's been programmed into them. All thanks to Cultural Marxism and I think Paris Hilton knows what's up I also remember her as a camio in a movie saying "nigger" instead of nigga. Taylor Swift as well she's hot and I don't think she's in the least attracted to Congoids. This is also why women shouldn't vote. Even though certain women might have an IQ in the top 10% doesn't mean they're all that smart on certain beliefs.

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Jews will downvoat this post

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Identity politics is bad because its proponents like to give free passes to race traitors.

And we all know if libtards couldn't figure out how to attack Trump based on his reasonable policy, they'll resort to name calling him a crypto-jew. Which is the same strategy used to attack conservative figures who is a "crypto-jew" or a "zionist" because he/she does not shout "nuke Israel" on youtube.

That being said, diversity is bad and white ethnostate is the best solution. The problem with identity politics is because it is used as a tool by leftist shills larping as neonazi to make conservatives look like ignorant idiots. Remember those Tommy Robinson threads and the masses of 6 hrs old account spamming "Tommy Robinson zionist crypto-jew" along with that photoshopped twitter "i'm jewish" instead of focusing on the fact that he's trying to bring awareness on child grooming problem in UK.

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All I know is that I finally get to kill someone !

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