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I didn't know Obama was giving out waivers, still learning all the ways that fraud was destroying the country.

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Imagine making able bodied people work to get a check. Trump is a madman.

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The only people not working in this market are those that don't want to work.

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This article is from almost a year ago

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Sorry but the 2018 midterms are coming up and I want to hype people with positive Trump news...

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My state started work requirements during Obama years. Not saying it had anything to do with him. Just that it's been going on awhile now.

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Good, the niggers and spics will most likely self deport now.

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The niggers aren't wanted anywhere and there aren't going to go to Africa

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No waivers for Mohammed.

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Would you goats be ok with this? You can keep your welfare up until your combined working hours equels 20 dollars an hour... you can do this for a year to help you get on your feet and establish a good work history possibly asking for a raise to make up for the loss of welfare?? Would encourage people to get to work and they would have some extra money to get their shit together??

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Did I miss something? The article, which is from a year ago, said he was moving to do this, but your title says he did it. Am I stupid or are you a nigger that makes shit up?

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