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They ran out of Other People's Money so soon?

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The problem is they use these programs like piggy banks for the provincial governments. EI, CPP, welfare, health insurance, and crown corporations that were supposed to make things cheaper(they didn't). There's also convoluted sales tax rebates for people like for example a GST rebate. So you not only have assholes who believe they are entitled but you have governments raiding these resources to cover their own shortcomings. Some provinces are worse than others. Quebec for example relies heavily on transfer payments from higher GDP provinces to keep their tuitions artificially low then gives away schooling to foreign students that never paid a dime into it. Paying $1200 a year instead of $600 for university caused those entitled retards to stage student protests. On top of that we have corrupt native bands that refuse to spend federal money on their own people. One such band here doesn't have clean running water despite being next door to a municipality with some of the best water in the world. The reservation actually wants to charge the city for using their land to provide them with water. It's fucking stupid.

Also if you end up working alongside someone who studied in Quebec it's near impossible to work with them. Their skills and behavior are abhorrent on a good day. You will spend at least half of your day chasing down all of their fuck ups.

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Crown corps did make things cheaper.

Take a look at the cell phone rate plans in Sask compared to the rest of Canada.

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They ran up the biggest deficits in North America - something about "debt doesn't matter."

The Province is in a severe financial crisis at the moment - thank God a sane individual has just taken over. He's cutting and slashing exactly as he needs to do - there is plenty of fat to trim. We used to operate this province in a surplus if you can believe it. This used to be one of the most profitable areas in the entire world - just like California. Liberalism has destroyed all of that - just like California.

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They ran out years ago and now just service ever increasing debt with their thefts.

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It says a lot how the system in america works, despite all this shit, id rather live in america than a shithole like turkey.

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You won't need basic income
if the cost of living was much lower.

These days, major factor of cost of living is taxes.
Politicians spending money on projects with negative benefits to their citizens.

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The cost of living would be lower if Ontario stopped letting every chink and his cousin corner the real estate markets with houses they don't live in and buildings they never use, only to fuckoff back to China and wait for the property value in an empty building to rise. Get rid of the chink speculators and things would likely improve a great deal.

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Well thats obviously racist.

When can we start the deportations?

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If they invest in Ontario they are truly dumb fucks, around here things are pretty much designed to devalue

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If it was just for real canadians, it might have had a chance, but (((they))) have been overloading the west with pure welfare candidates for life. These are perma Democrats who will live off of gibs while brutalizing the working population.

Globalists couldn't have done more damage if they nuked the west.

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Watch all the fucking able-bodied freeloaders bitch and whine

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It has already begun.

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I'm not a fan of welfare or basic income, but I don't want the country turning into Juarez either. Stopping immigration would do a lot of good, for starters. It's insane.

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Start deporting niggers so there are more resources to go around.

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Yes but please don't send them south of Canada.

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It was a stupid idea to begin with, now you have people who organized their lives around that source of income and now they are left with less than the shit they had before, and that is bad too, those people must not remain unemployed, it's too hard to find a job after a long period of "nothing" --"and what have you done over the past 3 years?" -"uh... A lot of stuffs..." --"Like what? Where did you work?" -"Well..."

I mean the guy looks like he did nothing at all or was in jail and doesn't want to say it, it's bad, employers hate that

Make them cut trees or move stuffs on a part time but don't pay them to do nothing at all

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cut trees or move stuff

And steal high paying government jobs?!

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Nah man, the idea is to give them shit-tier work that doesn't need any training. Like picking up trash or sweeping the sidewalk.

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what about plowing snow? It's gov job too?

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https://archive.fo/lnEjx :

Ontario government scraps basic income pilot project, limits welfare increase to 1.5 per cent | The Star

'The new Doug Ford government is cutting a planned 3 per cent welfare increase in half and scrapping a basic income pilot program the Progressive Conservatives promised to keep during the spring election campaign . '

'Ontario Works now pays a maximum of $721 monthly while the Ontario Disability Support Program pays up to $1,151 a month. '

'Toronto resident Patricia Smiley, 61, who has been struggling to survive on ODSP since 2009, said she was “stunned” the planned 3 per cent increase was halved given rising rent costs.“This was supposed to be a government for the people. '

'MacLeod said the current welfare systems design means “too many people are being trapped…it holds them down.”Tom Cooper of the Hamilton Roundtable on Poverty Reduction, who had helped the previous Liberal government recruit people for the three-year basic income pilot project, was “deeply disappointed” by the announcement. '

'Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod said Tuesday the increase scheduled by the defeated Liberal government will be reduced to 1.5 per cent while the PC administration embarks on a 100-day revamp of social assistance programs serving almost 1 million Ontarians. '

This has been an automated message.

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He also passed legislation which forces Toronto city council to halve their overstuffed council from 47 to 25 seats.

$125,000 per year salary plus two staff members each and some have more staff plus the other office expenses. If the City councilor sits on any other boards they get paid extra for that. They do a lot of traveling to "investigate" other systems (bullshit it's all paid holidays).

John Tory the fake conservative Mayor of Toronto who also outlawed adults from having guns in his city literally said "It's not fair" about what Daddy Ford did. The leader of the socialist party said he was a "bully".

This much glee is priceless.

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hmm gov payed jobs 6 figures so goooood

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