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Wow the first 50 seconds of that video was full retard bullshit backed up by pictures/text that don't prove or even mean anything.

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This is desperate, maniacal even. The guy is suffering mental illness that he is trying to mask with meds. He's straight up loopy.

I'm guessing there is some real deep psychological issue here, like he has suppressed his own sexuality because his father beat him.

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Fascism is the antidote to communism so there's no reason to not want to be called a fascist.

I would agree that Trump is a Fascist, his rise and the enemy he fights are very similar to Hitler.

Antifa was founded in 1930s Germany as a jewish, anti-Hitler organization, the lugenpresse (lying press) jewish commie newspaper owners were his enemies.

It's replaying before our very eyes, the average Westerner is so ignorant of history that they don't get the joke.

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This guy is a pill freak.

Seriously, he is on drugs. He is barely coherent.

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I still don't know what a fascist is. I don't think anyone else does either, or, they all have their own definition of it, which means that it doesn't mean anything.

I also think that people just like the word: fascist. The "sc" making a "shhh" sound, and the f, and the normal s, with a little explosion at the end with a "t"- its a fun word to see and say. It makes you look smart if you use it. No wonder the left loves this word so much.

"Fascist" is much like "covfefe" in this way.

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I certainly wouldn't mind the fascism that the left fears so much.

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I feel like George Constanza wrote this.

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This guy looks familiar. Didn’t he work for cracked before they fired their entire staff because their mentally ill shilling poisoned the site from the inside, or is this just a look alike?

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I thought "he looks like a leftist" when the video started. Don't think I've seen him before though.

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The only fascists in America are leftist liberals.

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Nobody wants to associate with crazy people. This guy is crazy.

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Read the comments below the video.

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It's madness. No wonder my leftist buddy was willing to bet me a thousand dollars that trump wouldn't make it through 4 years. The left have such a mainstream echo chamber that they never question anything.

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I swear, if you simply use change instead of cash at the register, they call you fascist - EVERYONE IS FASCIST!

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