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Good thing we elected these kosher, "israel first" faggot neocohens to protect our rights, huh goys? Also, wasnt that hitler just the worst???

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Tip: "Neger" in German means Negro. Nigger in German is spelled and pronounced the same as in English.

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Trump backs this guy right?

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There is no two party system. It’s an illusion. When things matter they pull bi-partisan horseshit.

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Probably, he is a good goy afterall.

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Trump absolutely supports every corrupt florida republican politician. Faux news even has them on their shows.

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Hitler was most useful in the great exodus of jews out of Europe to Palestine and the smart ones came to America. It is also called the holocaust.

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Opposition to authority, also known as thinking rationally is considered a mental illness. If you are a gun owner, your rights are at risk. They’re coming for you.

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But if your child or teenager has a frequent and persistent pattern of anger, irritability, arguing, defiance or vindictiveness toward you and other authority figures, he or she may have oppositional defiant disorder (ODD).

Under this banner, any patriot and person with anger is considered mentally ill

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LMFAO. "If you feel resentment towards the ruling class, you're mentally ill." – Jews

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Also, all teens.

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DSM-5 is fucked. Under any banner, any person is considered mentally ill.

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Pop psychology is the fanatical religion of today driving every idiot retard too stupid to think for themselves.

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Just wait until (((they))) add racism/anti-Semitism to the DSM.

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I do mental health stuff and I have to filter myself occasionally because I'm "paranoid" something I might say will end up erasing my right to bear arms. It sucks, especially since I'm in a city in California so virtually everyone is anti-gun.

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The Emergency Gun Grabbing Lobby is conducting a test to see which of you pussy citizens cave first. It was an Army vet whose AR they took first.

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Note how this will not be used to disarm violent niggers.

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The Army vet was black AND he had been arrested on attempted murder charges when he fired six shots into the back of his friend's car and before that incident, he had pointed a gun at a woman and threatened to shoot her. He also barricaded himself inside his house when cops arrived. So, yeah, he lost his right to own guns when you act like that and in most states they would've seized his guns under those conditions. http://atlantablackstar.com/2018/04/11/black-mans-gun-first-firearm-confiscated-new-florida-gun-control-law/

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Did you think it would start with a wealthy attorney? They have been laying-off cases like this so they could harvest and set precedent.

Think of the CHILDREN.

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Zero convictions.

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This is the deciding moment for our Nation-burn this politician down and revolt;t or forever take it up the ass like England and Australia

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Except they’ve been grabbing guns for the last century and no one has ever done anything to stop them.

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They always pick a location where it's a "sure thing" and will be met with praise.

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This is when you go help those citizens out. Rearm them and help them secure their property that was unduly seized.

Edit: Multiple issues with the order. Judge has to determine they are a threat, this should be treated as a full warrant with the Judge's ass on the line. Otherwise it will be like FISA and blanket stamped.

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Unconstitutional surely?

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Yeah... I don't remember anything in the Second Amendment that refers to 'angry or short tempered citizens'.

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Yeah... I don't remember anything in the Second Amendment that refers to 'angry or short tempered citizens'.

Right... because the Colonial Americans certainly were NOT angry, or short-tempered with the forced housing, and care of the British Soldiers sent to harass, tax, and forcefully subjugate them to the crown.

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Not just the 2nd, but also the 5th:

no one shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law.

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The only person mentioned in the article has multiple violent crimes and the gun confiscation came after charges for attempted murder. So I guess it depends.

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Every petition filed under the order in Pinellas County has so far been granted by the judge, according to the report.

Of course. Well folks looks like it may be time.

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They pick the most obvious cases of unstable people.

Next step is to scour the social media history of millions of people for any sign of aggressive behavior, then comes the mass seizures.

The sheer number of cases will tie up the court system and create massive delays in returning guns to lawful owners, trampling on Constitutional rights.

A boon to Attorneys and Psychiatrists will bring every special interest on board.


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Sounds like this one has a paranoid personality disorder. He thinks the government is out to disarm citizens. He doesn't realize this is for his own protection. We will take care of you goy. Did you take your soma today?

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Relax, goy. You can rest assured that the zionist pedophiles in gvmt have your best interests in mind.

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I want to see the rest. The only one they mention is charged with attempted murder with a firearm. Pretty reasonable not to let someone in court for shooting someone to keep their guns while out on bail

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Prick Scott is Jew Owned Puppet ...

Jews attacking The Second Amendment

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All it would take is a couple of incidents in which gun owners responded with lethal force to make their state reconsider.

[–] Oh_Well_ian [S] 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

I would not count on that, at all.

They certainly have contingency plans in place that will accelerate seizures if those incidents occur.

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They probably do have plans.

According to this article only 450 out of millions of other residents have been contacted. There's still a good chance that someone will respond lethally. If the police body count gets high enough they may reconsider.

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That would only accelerate their losses.

These aren't exactly tough people willing to die for their cause.

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That's the trick. Force as resistance is then spun as justification for their current and future tyranny.

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Fighting for freedom to be able to have a gun is more honorable than standing down and being controlled by the state.

We shall see, then.

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Time for war. Rick scotts head would look great on a pike.

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face it, Rick Scott's head will never look great. It will look awkward and somehow alien on a pike.

Oh fuck there gos my guns.

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