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Do these goverment officials truly believe they make society a better place by doing this, or is it merely sadism?

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They don't believe anything. They are peons hired to follow procedures. They are the construction equivalent of the 15 year old old at the burger joint that tells you spare pickles are impossible, you have to throw the burger away, go back through the line, and order "extra pickles on a cheeseburger".

The family in this case got what they deserved for trying to negotiate with a peon reading procedures out of a 3-ring binder. They ought to have known to laugh the peon off, and go find his boss. And if that didn't work go find the boss's boss.

Voat, never try to negotiate with a worker bee hired to blindly follow procedures. Placate the worker bee and climb the chain of command until you find someone who can be fired/not-elected for not exercising judgement.

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I detest people who blindly follow authority at the cost of the people they are supposed to serve. Good advice about placating the drone though. Make him feel validated and then go for the jugular.

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Its a religion where you believe a gun is always on the back of your head. So yes to both.

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The sad part is THEY DO! They really think they are making a good difference

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It’s PG County. It is the result of petty little bureaucrats feeling big because they can screw over theminions under their authority.

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You didn't pay your extortion fee to us first REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

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The order warned in bold lettering “if you fail to comply with such default order, you may be subject to fines or imprisonment, or both, for contempt of court.”

I tirelessly remind people that every law is backed by the barrel of a gun. Most things are not appropriate to be brought about via laws. There are many other, nonviolent, ways to influence things.

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"But who would build the roads?"

Apparently Domino's Pizza.

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Cant wait for the University of Costco to open its doors.

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Sample of their repair work.

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A building code inspector for Prince George’s County (Maryland)

All you need to know.

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All they had to do is declare their home a mosque, and Play this shit on loop 24x7x365 to let their government and neighbours know that they must now kowtow to their religious site or face the wrath of the purple haired twitter mobs.

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This is why you arm yourselves and tell them the first bastard on the property trying to destroy your property gets to leave in a body bag.

FUCK this kind of petty tyrannical bullshit.

In ages past we would have had a legitimate pitchfork and torch mob toss the assholes trying to fucking destroy this old lady's wheelchair ramp out of town on a rail or just tie them up and beat them within an inch of their life.

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Well dumb as fuck all the son had to do was get a permit and the government would stfu because they got their cut.

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Fucking bureaucrats.

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