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This is the consequence of their anti science stance on human evolution that caused their ignorance of the possibility that two populations could grow distant enough that they can't live together in a mutually beneficial way. Somalians are surviving in Somalia as they have for thousands of years. Let them live their way and you live yours. If you can understand why you shouldn't live in Somalia you should understand why they shouldn't live with you either.

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Crazy. I had a 5 hour layover in MSP and was kicking myself for not checking the place out. Glad I didn't now.

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Yeah there is nothing of value that close to niggerapolis. Further out its fine (aside from st cloud)

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This whole state sucks was from what I have seen. The iron range is cool I guesa

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I got a recommendation on this video from CNN: ''why muslims in minnesota are worried'' HAHA

look likes youtube implemented full retard, plenty of MSM links in the sidebar HAHA

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They do seem to have that walking dead look going on.

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Black ghosts

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awww missed opportunity.

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A liberal paradise.

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More like Somallia of America

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How dare you notice patterns. How dare you, sir!

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