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End The Fed

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Congress only works for corporations who lobby aka bribe them

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Kikes start at birth with mercury in vaccines cutting off the glans of the penis

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Not mine @Shizy

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lucky ducky.

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I didn't say you could ping me woman! Now lick the bottom of my boot!

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Guess how many kids will have autism in 30 years at current rates...


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Its not just the headlines, you say the same retarded shit in the same retarded way, no matter which alt you are posting under. At first I thought you were just drumming up scp/ccp to sell accounts, but since you just outright deleted antitomato, it tells me that you are already getting paid simply for spewing bullshit all over the site. You try to put pretty wrapping on the bullshit, so people will upvoat on the post title alone.

Cognitive dissonance. If someone already agrees with the title, they are more likely to agree with the message body. You go from saying "Whites are a threat to kikes" to "we should teach kids stockbroking", ergo "stockbroking==good", not a parasitic industry circlejerking the very FED you pretend to dislike.

IF (stockbroking==good) THEN (stockbrokers==good). IF (stockbrokers==jews) THEN (jews==good)

You say "kikes poison the environment" yet it's common knowledge the main body of pollution is largely industrial. This causes the cognitive reaction "the kikes aren't actually the problem, it's those big corporations!" You pepper in portions that are completely nonsensical, like "kikes put mercury in vaccines". By giving your target audience something that they will absolutely disagree with, you set into the motion the cognitive process of forcing them to pick and choose some parts to agree with and some parts to disagree with. Nature loves balance, and most will subconsciously do 50% of each, prompting them to unknowingly accept more of your bullshit than they would have otherwise.

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how much do accounts sell for? serious

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about tree fiddy.

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Not much demand for voat accounts, but reddit accounts are a business.

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Shareblue faggots have zero dignity and pride.. or they're zionist scum..

Both categories should kill themselves

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Kikes looove the lgbt and "toxic masculinity" movement

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It's white people turning antisemite 1920 style having 10 kids per couple

That's their true nightmare

Useless rambo is what they want you to try, that's why that's the model they sell you

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Exactly. This is why you see jews like Weev and the Daily Stormer crowd promoting violence and bomb-making skills (see some of weev's older youtube videos). This is also why (((mainstream news))) is pushing the whole "civil war" bullshit. Straight out of the Communist playbook. Keep people afraid, and then push them into a conflict, rather than staying calm and starting a big white family that is woke AF.
New motto for whites: remain calm and produce white babies.

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New Motto for Whites: Stay calm and fuck. Fits on a coffee cup. Of course you'll have to explain the baby part on the back of the cup.

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Kikes are scared of gun owning American patriots. That is why their agenda is so anti-gun

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On one end they tell you to give up on your guns, on the other they produce an endless stream of action movies where the hero is an individualist solving all his problems with a gun

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I think black men would join the fight too.. if you have ever listened to fahrkhan he names the jew as good as anyone.

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Fahrkhan is right about the Jews running and owning the slave trade ... he has a "reputation" that makes people automatically tune out the message

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We will all do good to remember this.

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Yes sir

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