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Nobody is going to do shit about this

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He won't have to win a trade war. The leaders of China know they can't live without the American market, and they know they are in the wrong on tariffs and trade. So they will gracefully give in, while trying to seem as though they are not giving in.

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Yes, China absolutely has to have USA as a client. China wants to be the silent tiger on the hill and is probably aware Trump knows about all the secrets sold to them by Clinton/Bush/Obama regime. So there will be a little show boating, then they will give to middle ground. I'm not a pro, I just look at patterns.

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It seems like everyone is still expecting the worst from Trump. Didn’t vote for him, but look at the score. North Korea started tearing down nuclear sites. Unemployment levels lower than they’ve been in decades. GDP hit 4.5%. Excuse me for saying I think that’s been some impressive results. I’m waiting to see massive trade gains from Trump's tariff strategy.

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It makes me cringe when both left and right keep talking about free trade don’t ever mention it’s never been free trade with China. Stealing tech, blatantly ripping off designs, software, hardware and entertainment. Free market principles can't work right now with how world trade is structured.

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When it comes to money---- YES