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100+ IQ negros are dangerous, they might figure out that the majority of blacks in the US are plantation voters and tell others.

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They have failed their mission. https://www.fbi.gov/about/faqs/what-is-the-mission-of-the-fbi They only protect their own and the constitution is ignored. https://youtu.be/7KKxAyDc1rg

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They are going to try and memory hole this kind of collusion

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I wish more people would understand that the FBI is America's secret police and their goal is to stifle social unrest and threats against the oligarchs.

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Why was Carson's labeling so especially egregious that it made it into the headline?

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Because he’s about as non-extremist as you can get. He has trouble staying awake as he goes on about grain cellars in Egypt

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You mean ben "sleepy" carson?

He's as much of an "extremist"/radical as droopy is

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Ah yes, the dangerous extremist with the street name Sleepy Doctor.

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Pretty sure Ted Cruz was on the list at one point too

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BOMBSHELL: no shit....

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