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I'd be OK with this until they can get the voter rolls sorted out and arrest the California Secretary of State.


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I agree. And I'm in California also.

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We are so far down the Socialism path that it seems like there is just a choice on which version to accept - Communism or Fascism.

How are these crimes going unpunished? Where are the prosecutors? Where is Sessions? . . . They're all nigger faggots caught with their hand in the jar.

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Same, but remember that we do have more Trump voters than the entire populations of 27 states combined.

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Similarly, if you have to vampire money away from other nearby states in order to stay solvent, those states should get all your electoral votes.

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Some red States would be quite upset.

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Many blue states would be bankrupt, kinda like that whole county in califailia...

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illegals voting in local elections is a fucking disaster.

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Welcome to Reality 101, where you get to feel it smack you in the face.

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I absolutely would be on board with that.

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I can get behind this until we get our shit together. It's gonna be hard though, Katzo & I might be the only sane fuckers over here.

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You're saying I'm insane? I resemble that compliment, maybe perhaps

Personally, I'm glad USCIS now looks for immigrants who vote in federal elections then revokes their legal status. It will float through the courts, but eventually they will regain access to this info & then retroactively take action to any who have violated federal voting laws.

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remember that we do have more Trump voters than the entire populations of 27 states combined.

*middle coastal

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Just cut off all federal funding and this issue fixes itself, one way or the other, without any further action necessary.

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One step too little. Install a nominal voting tax (~20-50$?) which is an deductable expense for the purpose of income tax. Encourages net tax payers and other stake-holders, while discouraging parasites and people with bad long-term planning and high time preference.

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This is a stupid fucking suggestion when these parasites still use stolen social security numbers to vote. You're basically saying you're completely OK with the elections being fraud because they're full of illegals if the illegals are willing to throw down $50. Fuck you and anyone who is as stupid as you.

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Trouble is that the tax wouldn't remain 'nominal'. It would escalate quickly in terms of cost and bureaucratic intrusion. It would put voter eligibility in the hands of a layer of bureaucratic parasites who at the very least would disenfranchise people out of the sheer incompetence endemic to such organizations, not to mention political bias leading to slow-walking and losing the applications of people who vote a certain way. We have already seen this in the IRS scandal.

tl;dr This precaution would be wide open to abuse.

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This was the dumbest shit I have ever heard. Money needs to get OUT OF POLITICS you dumbfuck.

No one that legally can vote should face any government obstacle.

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You only have to make it 2 dollars. It's a great idea!

There have been studies that welfare mom's won't take their kid with sniffles to the ER if they have to pay 5 dollars. There has to be a way around the poll tax. Or can we bring back a simple test like "What are the 3 branches of government?" But a randomized question that any high school graduate can answer.

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Not calling you insane, dunno. Had no clue you were also in CA. We're on the same page with this. Something has to be done about sovereignty and the idiots that think anyone should be able to come here and vote.

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Ab So Fucking Loutely! Yes This. - Fuck California.

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