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lol who fucking cares?

I mean seriously, whose life would be negatively affected by a UN bankruptcy? A bunch of useless bureaucrats and free loaders aside?

Yours? Mine? Not at all

Maybe we would even get much less fucktarded recommendations, such as this one https://imgoat.com/uploads/1f491a404d/128257.png

Fuck the UN, fuck it with someone else's dick, we get nothing, absolutely nothing good for us comes out of it, zero, probably the most worthless institution of them all

Saudi Arabia elected to UN women's rights commission


Anger after Saudi Arabia 'chosen to head key UN human rights panel'



An over expensive joke, that's what it is, and a bad one

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I couldn't agree more. The League of Nations was set up to avoid a 2nd World War and we all know how well that turned out, the United Nations hasn't been any more effective than it's predecessor. The 20th Century was the most violent century in recorded history.

Thanks U.N.!

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You're evaluating it by the wrong standard. The true purpose of the UN is to keep the balance of power in the hands of the Allies(and it hasn't been doing a half bad job).

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Fewer little kids in third world countries getting raped by UN peacekeeping forces...sounds like a net positive for the world.

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Ugh. The fat ass in that photo is the epitome of a jew

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You're thinking about this the wrong way as if the UN is supposed to produce something. The UN works wonderfully if you consider that it serves as a very nice idiot sink. There are armies of bureaucrats and diplomats with no other task in life than to sit in committees and voice the opinions of their respective governments. Do you really want to unleash these people into the actual governments of their countries, including yours where they could do real damage?

We remove a huge number of potentially dangerous self-aggrandizing suits from productive life. This is a good thing. Besides, it's one more arena for countries to squabble in and for people to make statements and conduct face-saving exercises instead of going to war. It's also a very useful tool for the security council nations to essentially overrule any collective action by lesser states so you would be removing an important foreign policy soft weapon with its collapse.

Besides, there are a number of sub-organizations that function quite well as coordination bodies like the ITU. These would likely pulverize and become more expensive outside a UN umbrella due to more overhead needed when they are to operate separately.

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Nah it's too expensive, fuck that shit entirely it's advocating and sponsoring white genocide

The useless bureaucrats will parrot what their government tell them to, regardless of the government, if they don't like it they can look for a job at starbucks

And for the lesser states let them kill each others over their own shit

And fuck immigration, entirely

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These would likely pulverize and become more expensive outside a UN umbrella due to more overhead needed when they are to operate separately.

Many of these organizations predate the UN and did just fine outside its umbrella. Eliminating the UN would simply return them to the way they were.

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Let that fucking waste of money be consumed.

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Defund, evict and sell the buildings. Let the EU host it if they want.

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Funny how all of these delegates don't want their offices in Kinshasa, I guess NY is more to their liking.

I say throw the bums out!

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Trump should buy the NYC building and have his kids turn it into a hotel.

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It's over, UN.

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Obviously hasn't occurred to these coddled elites to cut spending.

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Pull out now and watch this useless piece of anti-American garbage burn down to the ground since we fund fucking 30% or more of it.

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Can we send a bill and evict them?

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Now its the most strategic time to pull out of the UN.

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