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Just keep putting pork in the kosher/halal section. They have to empty the case and clean the whole thing out. Waste their money and man hours.

Eventually they'll either stop stocking it or be forced to take a loss in order to virtue signal.

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All the packaged food will have the kosher seal. Most of the supermarket is kosher.

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Make sure to accidentally poke your finger through the plastic before putting it in there oy vey

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BREAKING: mass exodus from Islam once islamists realize how andouille sausage tastes

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I agree. End the kosher tax on our food. I don't want to pay extra so some priest can wave his hand in the direction of my food.

In addition, kosher slaughter of animals is cruel and inhumane.

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and rabbi's mutilate baby dicks then suck the blood from them. Who wants anyone like that near the food?

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Push for something akin to the "organic" certification. Include bans on products from countries like Israel, Pakistan.

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I know! I am suggesting using the pathway used to create that, as the framework already exists, but to use it to make an actually solid labeling against trash like halal and kosher, and against the nations of inbred subhumans that demand them.

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Good luck buying non-kosher food. https://kosherquest.org/kosher-symbols/

The u in a circle is one of the biggest ones in the United States. When I learned about it I went through my entire kitchen and found everything that had a kosher symbol on it about 60 or 70% of my food had that u in a circle.

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Both are disgusting and inhumane. Blecchh. I'm a veggie anyways.

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I hate going grocery shopping, but the Mrs. somehow always drags me along. The only way its tolerable for me is that I always leave some bacon or porkchops in the halaal meat section.

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Dude… be aware of your target audience.

The label should obviously be "Without cruel butching practices". That way, you will appeal to a much wider group of people and we all know that it's not kosher/halal.

That way, you're not only able to avoid kosher tax, but you also convince others to avoid it, without them even knowing.

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Or just go full retard, demand Flying Spaghetti Monster priests be hired to sanction all food as suitable for consumption. Most people don't even know we pay a kosher tax; halal will be over my dead body

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