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Politics is a façade. Elections are an illusion of choice. Countries are an illusion on top of that with control traversing across borders. Media and social networks are the tools of the propaganda arms. Fact checking is a naive delusion and asking these propaganda networks or deep governments to remove fake news is like asking Joseph Goebbels to be the minister of world free speech.


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Defeatism is very unhealthy. If you're going to list all the problems, then start listing solutions as well.


[–] moldMYmind 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

First step is knowing there is a problem. One step at a time.

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I agree and disagree. Not all politics is fake, at least for rlections. I agree some level of manipulation exists and varies on magnitude. If it was all fake there would not be bribes, mid/dis information, assassinations, etc


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Almost all of politics is a show for the sheep to make them think they live in a free world. If there is an aspect of politics which is not just a show but has some meaningful purpose for the sheep, it's job is merely to have the sheep believe they have a say.. when really they do not.


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The neat thing about this playing field - sure they dump us into a big illusaion based on lies..

But they give us access to guns and keyboards - two things which can cut through their illusions like butter.

So use them.


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moldMYmind the cake is a lie........................would have been a better statement.