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I remember a point when the Russia story had devolved - after a series of logical questions from the Right - into "discovering" the extent of Russian meddling was the purchase of a few thousand dollars of FB ads and allegedly 10-14,000 bot comments across the entire platform of Reddit. I find the latter fact to be pretty suspect.

But even taking these at face value, this is peanuts compared to shadowbanning conservatives, not the least of which are actual congress people, from Twitter. That is actually an understatement.

An ad isn't compulsory. You have to click it. I don't know anybody whose voting behavior has ever been changed by seeing a sidebar ad on FB. But taking away one side's exposure in the regular parameters of the site (search auto-fill) that Leftists still have access to is much worse rigging. It's compulsory.

But removing one side's influence and reach on the world's largest social media platform, while fully supporting another.....that makes you a democratic superpac. Given their monopoly on this kind of communication, that is massive meddling in an election. If they continue it, I don't see any option but to regulate them as such. I normally don't like that approach, but in terms of that particular medium (hell, the President uses it to communicate), it is basically a public utility at this point.

One of the big problems here is half of the population, or more, won't give a fuck about this. It will mean nothing to them. "Twitter is just that thing those damn kids use and Trump uses to troll the media!". They don't understand the dynamic at all, or the reach, and Twitter is just this frivolous fun thing.

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This is an excellent point

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Politics is a façade. Elections are an illusion of choice. Countries are an illusion on top of that with control traversing across borders. Media and social networks are the tools of the propaganda arms. Fact checking is a naive delusion and asking these propaganda networks or deep governments to remove fake news is like asking Joseph Goebbels to be the minister of world free speech.

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Defeatism is very unhealthy. If you're going to list all the problems, then start listing solutions as well.

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I agree and disagree. Not all politics is fake, at least for rlections. I agree some level of manipulation exists and varies on magnitude. If it was all fake there would not be bribes, mid/dis information, assassinations, etc

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The neat thing about this playing field - sure they dump us into a big illusaion based on lies..

But they give us access to guns and keyboards - two things which can cut through their illusions like butter.

So use them.

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moldMYmind the cake is a lie........................would have been a better statement.

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plus a shadow ban has a mindgame element, suddenly you still express yourself but you feel like you are ignored, its so passive aggressive, why not just do an outright ban?

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I now think isps should be declared public utilities. I used to feel strongly that isps were private companies and laissez faire and all that. But considering how people use the internet now, it's getting to the point its like water, sewer and garbage services. As public utilities, political speech would be harder to squelch.

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I wish we could make class action suit against reddit, fund a lawyer and fuck them hard for all their suppression and brainwashing

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Totally. They are completely curated. They'll straight up cut you off if you start telling the truth around there. Pre-authorized thoughts only there, for sure!

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Reddit is the prime example of this.. literaly banned for being conservative basicaly.

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I fear we cannot reclaim free speech on the Internet without a civil war.

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It's not just about free speech, it's about creating an even playing field. At the moment the propaganda arms completely run the show, they control what gets seen on the news and on all major websites, they control the top posts and comments with their shills and voting power across social networks. They create barriers to entry to compete with the organized deep state brigading and do things like shadow bans, shadow comments, search result tampering and all kinds of other stuff that goes unnoticed by 99.9% of people. This is worse than Orwells 1984 because instead of surveillance devices being hidden behind paintings we willingly put them in our homes now with things like Amazon Echo.

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We not only willingly each have a little always on camera and microphone and gps tracker on our persons at all times, we pay for the privilege of doing so.

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It has begun. The suppository repository is but the first in a long line of new truth-only centralized sites coming. Enjoy and wake those around you.

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Truth only? Who decides what is truth in a world of Psy-Ops at every turn? You think the propaganda groups won't just infest new sites that arise? There is no way to stop their infectious propaganda seeping in. It's time for the people to wake up and start posting and commenting in every last corner of the internet.

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Do you have a link? It is censored from the search engines.

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This is a great point, but gotta say I always thought that "election meddling" was such a stupid term. I mean what the fuck is this, Scooby Doo?

The fact that the establishment has to throw out vague, fuzzy words like "meddling" and "collusion" shows how baseless their accusations are. Gotta keep those goalposts hovering!

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