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I didn't vote for Trump. Frankly I don't consider him to be the rightful President. But if I'm a guest in someone's house--be that the place down the street or 1600 Penn. Ave--I at least owe a duty of civility to my host. A gentleman should treat everyone--including his enemies--with grace. A true gentleman can even confront his enemy with grace and tact. By all means, ask pointed questions; but unless there's something to be immediately gained by raising a ruckus, don't do it. It looks foolish and gives your enemy an opening.

(Shit, if CNN should hire me if they've got even a 1/64th of a fucking brain. I'll do it better and cheaper than what they're paying now, Goddamn)

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Frankly I don't consider him to be the rightful President.

LOL. Why? Because all the illegals voting in California couldn't tip the scales?

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Its not the illegals VOTING in California, its the illegals REGISTERING. The dems stuff the ballot box. Thats why 7 counties had over 100% turnout. They fucked up. Beaners in CA can get drivers licenses. Drivers licenses automatically register the driver to vote unless they manually opt out. Even then, the registrar ignores it and registers the anyway.

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These "muh popular vote" people are fucking deluded. They'd think Hillary should be the winner of an apple picking contest because she showed up with the most oranges. At this point, "popular vote" is right up there with the "wage gap" and "flat earth" nonsense. Bringing any of that shit up (unless you're debunking) only serves to let me know that I can stop listening because the person bringing it up is a fool.

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Some nigger for the Toronto Star once said that Rob Ford wasn't the real mayor because less than 50% of the city voted for him (and by that theory when only 55% percent of people do vote, a clear majority doesn't exist.)

Trump won in the system as it exists.

Don't be a nigger.

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Nobody ever has a problem with the system when they are winning...except for the man Trump

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I didn't vote for Trump.


Frankly I don't consider him to be the rightful President.


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Damn, bro, you got balls posting this on voat. Good on you.
Almost makes me want to create an alt account to generate downvoats. Wonder how vulnerable Voat is to such a tactic? Steer consensus by introducing strawmen?