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Learn to be fucking civil, if a fox news correspondent had addressed Obama the way some of these people address Trump the left would ensure their careers in media were over.

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Well Obama banned them from the press pool pretty early on, so they never had that chance

[–] cthulian_axioms 47 points -39 points (+8|-47) ago  (edited ago)


I didn't vote for Trump. Frankly I don't consider him to be the rightful President. But if I'm a guest in someone's house--be that the place down the street or 1600 Penn. Ave--I at least owe a duty of civility to my host. A gentleman should treat everyone--including his enemies--with grace. A true gentleman can even confront his enemy with grace and tact. By all means, ask pointed questions; but unless there's something to be immediately gained by raising a ruckus, don't do it. It looks foolish and gives your enemy an opening.

(Shit, if CNN should hire me if they've got even a 1/64th of a fucking brain. I'll do it better and cheaper than what they're paying now, Goddamn)

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Frankly I don't consider him to be the rightful President.

LOL. Why? Because all the illegals voting in California couldn't tip the scales?

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Some nigger for the Toronto Star once said that Rob Ford wasn't the real mayor because less than 50% of the city voted for him (and by that theory when only 55% percent of people do vote, a clear majority doesn't exist.)

Trump won in the system as it exists.

Don't be a nigger.

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I didn't vote for Trump.


Frankly I don't consider him to be the rightful President.


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Damn, bro, you got balls posting this on voat. Good on you.
Almost makes me want to create an alt account to generate downvoats. Wonder how vulnerable Voat is to such a tactic? Steer consensus by introducing strawmen?