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Tom Hanks sure has done a lot of pro-Government propaganda.

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The movie BIG is a pedo movie about a little boy who gets to bang older women

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about a little boy who gets to bang older women

about an older woman who gets to bang a little boy


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was thinking that the other day.

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Anyone who knows how mind control works, this guy covers one of their weird skits that normalizes this pedo shit under the cover of 'humor.'

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It looks like that user reposted a video by Pockets of the Future, who has made 100s of these well-researched, informative videos about the absolute filth that is the "entertainment" industry.

A Call For an Uprising is another one; albeit a little more stream of thought, a lot more religious, and less concise.

Be ready to spend hours watching these, and come out feeling sick and dirty with the knowledge that your favorite things are all filthy garbage.

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He does a lot of masonic gestures but its okay fellow goy... masons would never be caught by other mason cops for sexually abusing children.