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Sure, it's a nice speech, but what's he Ghana do about it?

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What Kenya do? You just need to have a never Guinea give up attitude. Oman, this stuff is heavy.

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Yeah that was a cool speech to watch

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Stop accepting foreign aid, stop emigration, demand that the West gives back all the immigrants that left. Brain drain is not fake news.

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"Demand that criminals be brought back into your nation" lmao. It should be recognized as fair game to just shoot the criminals if their nation refuses to accept them.

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Yes but human rights groups would complain about them. Maybe we should send all the criminals to Antarctica.

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I am perfectly fine with niggers having their own thriving countries IN AFRICA. Its when they chimp out and loot and riot and muh dik all over the USA is when I say "gtfo nigger"

They belong in Africa and if they can build peaceful thriving nations there (with no help from taxpayers here) then I say good for them.

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I have to admit, I was a bit inspired by that speech.

Make Ghana Great Again... Or, at least, Make Ghana Great For The First Time.

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I just creamed my pants. If only they would back it up. Macron should turn the faucet off.