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Failing news week has to take aim at how awful white settlers were to Indians. Fuck those Jews.

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Indians were also awful to white settlers & each other but that nugget of history is conveniently forgotten

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That history of them being horrible to each other for hundreds of years is largely forgotten because they didn't even invent writing. For fucks sake, this idea that all cultures and peoples are inherently equal is cancerous neo-Marxist bullshit.

I'm not advocating for wanton violence, but they weren't blue-skinned alien Na'vi chicks crying over chopped-down trees. They were like every other primitive human group--sometimes peaceful, often barbaric, and usually dying in agony during childbirth on a dirt floor, praying that they could get a miraculous equivalent of Western science and Western wisdom.

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Most Indians vast majority died from diseases that were unintentionally spread

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Theres actually pictures of this, but im sure they would be pretty hard to find on joogle. One i remember clearly was a man that had been scalped as a young boy. The savages killed his entire family and scalped him but he lived.

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Everyone was awful to everyone back then. It's pretty self aggrandizing to think we're better now and can morally judge a time we can't possibly understand from our safe, lazy vantage point.

You want to know what the Austrians did to a group of people just for being Amish? They tore chunks of flesh from the leader then burned him, sliced all the men to bits with swords and drowned the women and children.

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Everyone is still awful to everyone else. Except whites we're evil because we're try to be nice.

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History repeating itself.

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how awful white settlers were to Indians

If that’s true, then shouldn’t whites be justified in opposing mass immigration of non-white settlers?

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Yes. In fact, Canadian Indigenous scholars have been using the term "Syncretic Multiculturalism" to avoid being tossed into the cultural melting pot. That is, they desire a multicultural society in which they get to preserve their own culture and identity while the rest can go fuck themselves in Canada. They are more than likely to be allies in any Nationalist uprising.

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You know who else was amazing. Andrew Jackson. Jackson wanted to kill (((Bankers))).

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Indeed. Frontier Lawyer, Plantation Master, POTUS, served in both houses and in many wars...great fellow.

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When Trump posed for photos beneath Jackson's portrait he was sending a message.

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A true man of the people.

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By far the coolest of the Jackson five!

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Old Hickory could wipe the floor with all 5 of those noodles and not break a sweat.

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I'm just gonna ignore all of the platitudes listed in this thread about who came first or who did what. The fact of the matter is we arrived here from another continent unwise to the terrain and native inhabitants. And white people proceeded, despite being a staggering minority, to colonize and terraform an entire continent to its whims and desires. Religion aside, if that isn't manifest destiny, what else could it be? Even if there wasn't a God, it was still people waking up every day at the butt crack of dawn willing to work until they dropped to make this place hospitable for the generation that followed.

These early civilizations also had to deal with incursions from the natives. Being unfamiliarity with the land and soil, early crops failed leading to starvation, defection to Native American tribes, general discontent, and hopelessness. But these fuckers didn't give up. And here we are.

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Indians didn't own America. They had no gov or president. They were a buncha squatters from mexico and Canada. Even new archeological sites prove that whites were here much sooner than injuns.

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I need source, please. I am very interested.

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Search this phrase 'Stone-age Europeans were the first to set foot on North America' and a bunch articles will pop up. This might be what he means? @CheeseboogersGhost

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My facvorite, my favorite, is how he held an event honoring """""""""""""""Native Americans""""""""""""""" and featured an image of Andrew Jackson in the background. A man he has often praised. LOL. I love this man.

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i always chuckle at how liberal cucked journalists ha e no idea about history in regards to america.

i think of it as the first world war. brits, french, spanish and multiple warring tribles of indians were all killing each other left and right. michigan was an absolute war zone for its fur trade, hunting, great lake fishing and river travel for trading.

but yeah the poor indians were all just one peace loving hippies who just wanted to be cool man. fuck that, there was already a world war with multiple indian nations before any white people arrived. there are no less than 13 major indian tribes that hated eachother. this includes canada and mexico.

oh and lets not forget the poor whites that scraped everything they could in food and supplies and hired a guide to take a wagon trail hundreds of miles to the west to settle only to be attacked by indians who raped the women, kidnapped the children and scalped the top of the skull of any one who fought them back.

circle the wagons ring a bell?

the sheer amount of hatred for america by liberals is amazing.

do people in italy, france,and germany say...yeah were civilized, but the holy roman empire that started us murdered anyone who went against them man!!!!!! and what about in 1600s when the evil bad french and britian were battling it out for un charted areas of canada bro?!!!?! that how we got Quebec and bro....they speak french..its like..the law or something in canada.

oh by the way??? did you know the muslims were all civilized and shit when they took over parts of europe? islam invaded took over the island of sicily. but it was in like...the year 827. so because they are brown, they should be forgiven...after all, like just 1200 years later? davinchi, the medici family and all kinds of shit created the "Renaissance" (i learned that shit in assassins creed yo!)

America sux yo! they took land away from people!!!!!!!!


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I am getting so sick of seeing stuff in museums and state parks about how the white man took over from native Americans.

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Why? Do you want to erase the history of white american struggles against vicious natives? People fought and worked hard to turn this great country into a nation!

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I didn't explain correctly. I'm tired of how it's phrased like white people should be guilty. I actually got mad the last place I went and was in a foul mood all day over some fucking exhibit signs.

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Those who try and erase history are condemned to repeat it.

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