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Reminder that he was banned from the BBC for calling out Saville.

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His view should be respected.

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Anarchy long game?

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Still anti-establishment after all these years, take note Jello B.!

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Too true. I've been really disheartened at how many 'anti establishment' punk rockers are towing the line when it comes to Trump. Johnny is the only one to have the balls to stand up to shit. Not surprised since he's pissed off a lot of punks in the past. Good for him.

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Michale Graves and Glenn Danzig (both formerly Misfits) have also spoken in support of Trump.

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Jello lost the plot ever since he tried to sue the rest of he band to take their respective shares of the income they still get for royalties. What a douchetard.

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I grew up on Punk; Can't listen to most of it anymore because it's commie bullshit, but Like PJW says - Conservatism is the new counter culture.

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Rotten will always give it to you how he sees it without holding back. Dude's had my respect for years. Love what he said about Syd's mother.

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God save the queen

The fascist regime

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We mean it, man.

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Antifa on suicide watch

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Communal cerebral so much like ants

Antifa ask each and other for advice

Then mom pulls the plug on the slug in her basement

She shouts out “get a job!

You complacent little faggot pretending a warrior, though I adore you I also implore you to get out of my house...

, see how that suits you, sleeping in a tent,

no money for food or rent, occupying space that you have no right to.”

So out the door the antifa faggot he went.

He cried the tears of a billion sorrows

He was paid $42,35 from a trust-fund from Sorros

Who through a Clinton account or two

Consider it money well spent

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Not bad but I am kinda disappointing you didnt mention their leader being a pedophile, msm refusing to disavow, them being funded, organized, trained and yet so weak... You are missing the voat touch.

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https://archive.fo/6fGB4 :

Johnny Rotten defends Donald Trump, slams 'left-wing media' - Washington Times

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Dragging this out a year and a half later???

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Slow news day.

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