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You simply lose your liberty.

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He said Nazi

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Because this site has a Jew problem. @Puttitout, would you ever consider making who upvotes and downvoats by users public?

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Yes, as an opt in feature. Technically it really doesn't scale well and only seems realistic with smaller sites or for statistical analysis (finding alts, bots, etc.).

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You are not wrong. "Proper" Socialism has never truly been done.

Typically, communist nations are labeled socialistic, see Venezuela, and then pointed to as failure.

I started an IT services cooperative company, things could not be smoother, and everyone makes great money.

It's far beyond a Jew problem, far beyond.

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Has anyone ever thought about that statement for more than a second?

Why would we? It’s false.

The same cannot be said for National Socialism.

lol nah

What about pre-war Germany? Was not the Germany of the 1930’s the (arguably) strongest nation on Earth?

To summarize, in meme form, “Wow, it only took all of you to beat me.” – Germany