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Rosanne is a member of his tribe. This is all confusing.

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Roseanne does not practice Jewish faith and once had a picture taken of herself dressed as Hitler (here is a link, sorry but not taking time to put these on a proper site This was satire - but Ben, who takes himself very seriously, took offense and he has always secretly hated Roseanne. I have watched enough of Ben's vlogs to be able to determine he has classic narcissistic personality disorder, his beliefs are the right ones and everyone else is wrong. When he is caught in a corner, he simply pretends he sees his oponent's side to appear more human to his viewers. If you watch his vlogs, he sometimes makes comments about his staff where his true personality emerges. His ego is huge and he cares about no one but himself. He gets this child-like giddiness when people compliment him and point out how special he is and becomes extremely defensive and sullen when he is criticized. Nobody with NPD can hide it forever. He is only popular with people who are of lower intelligence and cannot see through his act.

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You think he's a narcissist? I'm thinking - based on the snakes he defends - more like a sociopath.

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pedophilia is in his tribe's interests. "racism" is not.

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no, racism is exactly equal to pedophilia in his tribes interests, just keep the goys in the dark about it

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confusing on purpose. does your head hurt? do you not want to pay attention anymore? that means their plan is working. they are mentally ripping your country away from you

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Shapiro's a Jew; Rosanne's a lunatic.

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both are both