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The New World Order Is A Conspiracy Theory.


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I think this wins. I remember the town "nut" had an antiNWO sign in his yard for years and no one ever thought to take it seriously.


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Yep, things like NAFTA, the EU, and the Euro were forming and the writing was on the wall.


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I thought that was an H. W. Bush speech. I don't understand how it became a conspiracy.


[–] thisistotallynotme 0 points 5 points (+5|-0) ago 

It was a GHWB speech. As soon as those words were spoken (and never uttered again for over a decade), People immediately started telling others that there was more to that concept than just hand-wavey feel-good economic punditry, which is how the Mockingbird media sold it. To believe anything else was a "Conspiracy Theory". and that phrase was thrown about more for New World Order than any time since the JFK Assassination.

It got to the point, shortly before WCW adopted NWO as a disinformation "re-branding" to confuse the youth, that our society was being encouraged to treat people who mention those three words with derisive laughter, and to close our minds to whatever else they said. I recall many conversations my father would have with average sheeple, and as soon as New World Order was stated, in any context, you could see their brains click off, as they tried to rush the conversation to a close.


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