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What did you and Putin discuss? O' we talked about our grandchildren, and discussed golf mostly.

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Trump should set up just one of these scenarios - see if he can get them to swallow the bait.

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exactly. he should start following in he predecessors footprints and do everything they did openly and publicly with an announcement that he is going to do it beforehand. get em dead to rights.

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Are yall saying he should announce he is approving selling another 20 percent of our uranium reserves to russia just to see what the media would do???

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He's already done this and they just ignore it. TPTB will just crucify him while letting their own operatives fly under the radar.

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Bill Mitchell is a textbook neocon. But every once in a while he says something poignant.

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Fukn A!

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Yep. (((Whoever))) controls the media has made it quite obvious which side they're on, except to the hordes of brainwashed zombies.

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Either way Russia wins

US is being cucked by a mafia state with shit economy on par with Brazil.

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Except I don't give a shit what the media says. They made themselves enemy combatants; Trump didn't. They strike you as they cry out in pain. Let's see how they cry out in pain when they're finally kicked in the ass so harshly they bleed for a month.

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