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The application is not after harvest, but shortly before. As the crop is beginning to ripen naturally, some farmers spray it with Roundup to speed up the ripening process and also to ensure that it will be ripe by a specific date (e.g. if they are using contract harvesters who will want to have some certainty of when it will be ready). I'm not sure how widespread this practice is, but seems to be a pretty stupid idea to me. Growing up on a broadacre farm (not organic), we would never have done anything like that. I get the feeling that this practice is more widespread in the larger commercial farms where they are dealing with vast acreages and time/efficiency pressures.

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Farmers used to spray kerosene on pineapples to ripen them faster back in the 40s and 50s. Just an anecdote.

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I wonder if that worked a little like ethylene that they use for fruit ripening now?

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I agree it is likely being done on the mega farms where profit rules over any other consideration. However if you check out EcoWatch.org you will see that these farmers have discovered that using Roundup post-harvest acts as a dessicant thereby speeding up the drying process. Mike Adams @HealthRanger on Gab.ai has also reported on this. Do you realize that the Indian farmers trapped in contracts with Monsanto a few years ago actually committed suicide by drinking Roundup. And they'e fucking spraying it on our food.

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It's extremely widespread. I know a lot of small time farmers (less than 10 sections ~1600 acres) that use Roundup for dessication.

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Why not use ethanol? I bet it would work about the same.

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I always spray a couple squirts of roundup on my beans and rice before I eat. it's pretty damn good try it out

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I used Round-Up Hot and Spicy After-Crop Sauce on ribs. It keeps the bugs away from the grill, too!

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Mother fucker.

Thought i was the only one

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Oy vey its good for the goys

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Are kosher products roundup free?

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damn-well guarantee it. We should be eating what the jews eat.....well....except for baby dicks and rotten meat

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Bayer are great at calming people down before killing them.

Theyve been practicing since 1938

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I see what you did here.

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GM foods will make you free!

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Slightly misleading, but still an incredibly stupid practice

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I usually squirt some bleach on top of my crops before harvest. Then a little aborted fetus tissue. This really sells with the urban crowds as a vitamin rich vegan supplement. And, they like the bleach effect on teeth and assholes.

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lol fetus isn't vegan you troll. a little bleach solution aint the end of the world though as long as it's diluted.

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It's okay, they're just bundles of cells. They aren't animals. They aren't people. They're the mystery meat of the womb. What, are you some wingnut?

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If we lived in a just society everyone at monsanto would be dead.

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It's something to work towards.

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I didn't know that the merger was actually greenlit. That's fucking insane.

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Bayer is now listing Monsanto's "high-value seeds" on its product page. You know, the seeds that are resistant to Roundup. So it looks like a done deal.

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They had to, the monsanto name is poison now. This was done solely for the name change.

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The Bayer name should be toxic, too. Yeah,they invented Aspirin, but they also created heroin and made Zyklon B during the Holocaust. They also came scary close to gassing West Virginia with MIC, the same substance that killed thousands of people in the Bhopal disaster. Bayer withheld information from emergency responders and easily could have killed hundreds of people.

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