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The whole US gov on both sides are colluders. They're also slaves of Israel and jews. REVOLUTION IS THE CURE

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The jew is the disease. Ovens are the cure.

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with russian jews

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No such thing as a “[nation] jew.” They’re just jews. They have no allegiance to anyone but their own.

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They don't even know who "their own" are. I mean that very literally. Not a god damned one of them. The original Jews, were one of two tribes of southern Israel. The rest of the semites in the north were divided among 10 tribes. Fucking mutts. Twice in history Judea got totally blown the fuck out. The first time, by Babylon in the sixth century BC, they were all taken captive. They interbred with Babylonian peoples and basically lost their religion. When they returned to Judea under Herod, they interbred with Edomites (non-semites) to the south, and never again would the original Judaic peoples exist.

They'd get blown out again by Mr. The Great a few centuries later, and get spread all over Eastern Europe.

The semites in Israel today have no fucking clue about actual claims to that land. If anything, the Palestinians have more claim. But its just about power and using their victim-status as a protected race to have the US use its military and budget to conserve a nation for them.

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They don't even have that. There are a lot of Jewish race traitors. Some of the wealthiest get there that way.

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In this case specifically, they a jews who reside in Russia. The Russian oligarchy is jewish. Indicating where the jews are from helps continue the information cycle, allowing us to further delve and deduce what and who is doing things and where they are doing them.

It’s a piece of the puzzle that is key to understanding jew are in each country. As much as everyone likes to think Putin is a good goy, he’s controlled by the jewish russians.

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I'm a computer.

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Because not alot of people want to get shot in the back of the head 2x...and have it called suicide in the public

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Woa and I thought Putin's KGB Russia was what we were supposed to be worried about. Not our own government... I mean ruling class... I mean oligarchs... I mean mafia. What the fuck is this place? El Salvador? Sounds like a shit hole to me.

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First, you guys need to abolish dual citizenships in the government.

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I'm just glad We The People have enough power to do that, and that our country is not overrun by corruption at every critical level; people who only serve their own interests and the interests of their masters in education, media, technology, government, law enforcement,

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Perhaps they simply don't want to get suicided!

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No excuses. Fuckery is afoot.

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No shit, Sherlock?

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I heard Russian KGB agent Putin Vlorvloreich poisoned two innocent UK citizens with Novastocks for no reason during the World Cup. This is the second time Putin has personally made his way into the UK and attempted to kill two UK citizens with Nunchucks. The first time they were former KGB turncoats, but this time is inexcusable.

I also hear Kim John Yun isn't dismantling all of his Nuculer weapons like he signed the treaty saying he would.

Then Iran would not give cows to Trump so everyone is saying we need to escalate tensions.

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People have and do. The swamp runs deep.

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Hillary's father was a filthy rich Republican with mafia ties, she later worked for Nixon, the president that sold us out to China and murdered Kennedy and was implicated in acting in the Watergate scandal but wasn't brought up on charges. She is spouse to a former president, is a former Senator, is a former Secretary of State, a staunch ally to George Soros and the Rothchild's family, and she is bought and paid for by the Bolsheviki mafia, Goldman Sachs. Hillary is untouchable.

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Bullets can touch her. Stop being a pussy.

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Expat in japan here. Unless she goes to my shooting club, she is safe behind her army of tax payer funded goons.

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I don't disagree with you, but why are people "untouchable"? Why can the people not revolt so absolutely that they elect a complete political outsider who promises to do well, destroy corruption, and specifically imprison her, and then that person follow through with it?

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She could certainly be dealt with should the right pieces move into power. Particularly the ones that hate Chinese and Israel. For the time being, the power structure protects their own. If one goes down, they all go down. So these creetins do everything they can to maintain silence.

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