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A year from now they’ll still be here.

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No, they're likely moving to the same place all the celebs who promised to leave after Trump won moved to. Everyone so far who promised to leave, all of them 100% followed through and expatriated, if these people stay it would dent the credibility of all the other trump leavers who have kept their promise to leave, so definitely they will move soon. No need to track or follow up.

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or a few months later..."uhh weve decided to come back and help fight trump"

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Haha, I'd never heard of this one. Subscribed!

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2 down. 20 million to go

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That was a lowball liberal estimate, the true numbers are more like 40-50 million.

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you think 20% of the U.S. population is illegal?

and also that there are more illegals than legals?

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This is so fucking stupid. If you are seriously so upset about Trump being President, literally just turn off the TV and get off Facebook. When you actually stop and think about it, who the President is has almost no bearing on your day to day life, outside of your own psychological hangups about it. This is true of both sides, honestly. People put way too much joy and disappointment on national elections. A certain amount is warranted, but most of the country these days spends 90% of their waking moments frothing at the mouth about who the President is. Stop, just once, and imagine how different your job, your friendships, and your hobbies would be if Clinton were President right now. These people would be no better off for any reason outside of their own heads.

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Fuck that. We want them to leave.

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Oh, that is soooo true. When that Nigger and his tranny-buck were squatting in the White House I rarely watched the news and went dark on social media. Still out of social media.

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Please, no! lol

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Violent low-IQ pieces of shit

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Is it ok to be violent and have a low IQ if you also have a badge?

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only if you were trained in Tel Aviv...

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Ooh nooo...

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Please, PLEASE STAY... here, have more bennies just please, stay and don't forget to vote often

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If they meant it, they should be lauded as heroes in their own country when they arrive. But of course they won’t be. They’ll be pitied as victims and asked for advice how to get in to America.

Hispanic cultures have no integrity and no patriotism. Hispanics are taught to work hard, and opportunistically to take whatever they can from White Americans by any means necessary

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