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You are a fucking shill. $100B to NATO does not serve ANY interest of Americans.

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Plus Russia is not an enemy. Germany is.

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Plus Russia is not an enemy. Germany is.

Germany is not an enemy. The EU is.

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Germany exists only to serve israel

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What about those World Wars where thousands of Russians shot at Americans? Oh, wait. That was Germany, wasn't it? Huh. I believe the collective term for the US and Russia was "Allies".

Edit: /s

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Along with the UK and France. Italy is getting the point, and Poland is the model.

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Owners of defense equipment mfgrs. will profit. Some trickle down jobs for workers and engineers. They own the DOD and Senate. Even Bernie wanted pork barrel war jobs. I don't care how peacenik they are, every time a new factory line for fighter jets, or fort expansion starts, they are there to cut the ribbon. For $100B we could easily militarize the border with Mexico and/while building a wall instead.

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I think you missed the part where the $100 billion wasn't US money.

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Ideally we would lower our defense budget, which we could use for things and stuff.

More importantly, you have to be a lot of fun at parties. Jesus guy.

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Trump is hitting Europe with another tax, death by a thousand cuts kek

edit: EU fines Google/Facebook in 3.. 2.. 1..

double edit: it already happened


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Aside from American arms purchases with that $100 billion, maybe Europe will train some more troops and stop being so pussy all the time. Plus it’s good negotiating leverage at the right moment before meeting Putin.

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Germans are paying the price for moving away from coal, then nuclear, too quickly. Ever seen a steel forge or engine factory powered by solar panels? There was spossed to be a pipeline thru northern middle east to Turkey to supply them. That's like running an aqueduct of lighter fluid thru Arizona during fire season. They have 2 choices of sucking off countries that beat them in WWII. Oil from Russia or LPG tankers from US.

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They would've gotten away with it too, if it wasn't for those meddling kids!

The pipeline would be a competitor to the Nabucco pipeline from Azerbaijan to Europe.[1] It is also an alternative to the Qatar–Turkey pipeline which had been proposed by Qatar to run from Qatar to Europe via Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and Turkey.[14] Syria's rationale for rejecting the Qatar proposal was said to be "to protect the interests of [its] Russian ally, which is Europe's top supplier of natural gas."[14]



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Was Syria's rejection BEFORE or AFTER the USA decided that "Assad was a dictator and must go"?

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The problem with competing in the global oil market is it will increase our domestic gas prices because our oil will be shipped out of the US and lower our domestic supply. Good for big oil, bad for us.

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I mean, it sounds a lot like pretext to justifying the Qatar pipeline anyway. I don't see us exporting oil but I can see (((someone))) being very excited about destabilizing Syria so a pipeline from Qatar can be run that competes with Russia and diminishes that lever of unpozzed goyish power over the globo-homo-run EU.

That's the main angle I see here.

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In both the press conference and the Hannity interview, Trump volunteered the idea, when asked about Syria, that the US and Russia agreed to, essentially, put Israel's interests first. I found that interesting since in neither case did the person asking about Syria mention Israel, but Trump felt the need to bring it up.

If it's true that Russia is now on board with the US (i.e., Israel), I'd say Assad's days are numbered.

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That's already how it works. Don't kid yourself. Oil producers will get top dollar for their oil no matter what . . .

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Had Putin wanted he could had made up some story about colluding with the Trump campaign to place him in office because they DID have some tape right there in front of the world. He knows that would had sent Trump back home a lame duck and nixed any of these plans. He didn't, he is interested in becoming allies, not continuing with this petty bickering.

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Dont be so sure, Trump called him a competitor. Trump also knows there is always a chance of a jewry and instead let his emotions blind his vision, he positioned himself to counter if any such moves happen. He convinced the anti-Trump "European" Union to double their spending, only the Deal Maker himself could do such thing.

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Lol...its a gift to the european economy. Not ours.

50 billion could build the wall AND remove every single illegal immigrant. Wold do more for our economy than some pork for military contractors.

then you got a billion left over for EACH STATE to improve infrastructure.

Those two things would do far more for our economy and national security than anything NATO will do for us. Remind me what NATO did in Ukraine again?

God damn...there are always people on this site trying to make Trump out to be some 17d chess master. Yah, he's better than Clinton. The guys hardly fucking perfect.

[–] dooob 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 


Trump forced the EU to double their spending, stop being such a low-info faggot.

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I am 75% down the page and you are the first comment that actually knows what the fuck I'm talking about. It's like the people in this thread are strutting around like a nigger with a $400 apartment and $1500 rims. Lots of confidence, fucking shit hole brain.

Fucking top comment thinks I'm a shill because he thinks it's America's money going to NATO. Dumb fucks.

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They already tried the low cost oil to damage Russia approach, but it was only partially effective. Fact is, Russia is a low cost energy producer, and if anyone can flood the world with dirt cheap oil it is the Russians. Low oil prices did harm the Russian economy, but it was also bankrupting the world's other oil producers. Low oil prices practically killed oil activity in Canada, for example. Canada is one of those countries that has massive amounts of oil available, but it can only be profitably harvested at much higher prices.

Trump has been pushing American oil expansion hard ever since he came to office - but exactly none of that is sustainable at lower prices. It was Trump who quietly ended the low price effort against Russia in the first place. Not for the benefit of Russia, but for the needs of US producers.

There are very real limits to the available effective measures which can be taken against Russia economically, and most of those have already been taken, with limited, and very temporary effect. Cut off from the Western controlled international financial system, the Russians merely moved to create their own international financial system, and have already started it, with nations representing 4 out of 5 of the global population having already signed on. So isolation didn't work either. Fact is the Russians do not need the Western financial system, and the country operates independent of Western financial banks. The bankers have no control over Russia.

Communism made the Russians poor, but Russia is no longer a Communist nation. Communism ended in Russia 30 years ago. They are capitalists now, and they have a massive resource base to exploit, and a hungry China next door to sell those resources to. Putin has already raised the average Russian standard of living from $2400 US annual per capita to $24,000 US per capita. Small wonder the Russian people continue to support him.

The oil business is one of the, if not the, biggest industries in the world today. The dirty secret of that industry is the world is awash in surplus oil. Far from the shortages we are constantly told about, the global supply of oil remains mostly untapped, and the various major producers are constantly working to maneuver the prices - mostly higher, for the most part. The profits are immense. The oil trade is also one of the biggest drivers of military conflict on the planet, and has been so since at least World War I. Everybody wants a piece of this action.

To give you an idea of the kind of money I am referring to above, the conservative estimate of the mostly untapped oil reserves in Iraq, now seized by America, has a low estimated value of some $200 trillion US dollars. An amount which equals the value of America's entire outstanding national debt by the way, (George jr. did say you will thank him later.) Iraq only ever ran oil operations on some 2% of their known reserves. The actual total oil available in Iraq including unknown reserves probably far exceeds the $200 trillion US threshold. Even today, Iraq still only brings but a trickle of this wealth to the market, in part because bringing this oil online would collapse the global prices. Iraq is very much the next Saudi Arabia in waiting.

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I was referring to building a dependency and I may not have been clear enough on that. It would have to be a shock where they lose Germany and the price drops at the same time. Either way, Putin rarely ever interjects his own concerns. He usually only speaks of them during a response and it feels like he is mitigating other concerns or broadening a problem. I found that interesting. But, if the US and Russia can build up to a successful friendship, and even be allies, there wouldn't be anymore big problems. It's that trust that will be so difficult because we are both nuke and spy teams.

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The single biggest reason to trust Putin's motivation has to do with his refusal to bow to the EU's insane plan for a borderless world. Neither Russia or the US can stand alone against the monsters in the EU and win. The enemy of my enemy is my friend.Now we will crush them.

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8 years of this winning is going to be fucking glorious. I love watching all these pussys cry every fucking day. We need to start thinking who to run for 2024

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My vote would be for Putin. Why waste time with another puppet. #WinningSummit

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It is funny because Putin is Trump's bitch now, after NATO budgets and being in position in which US could destroy EU in a trade war, Trump could easily destroy Putin's Germany deal by forcing EU to abandon it, lets not forget how much Europe depends on US and not so much vice versa. Sooner or later Europe will have to submit because they will be in a financial crisis.

Imo Putin and Trump are patriots, friends but also competitors.

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