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If there ever was a statement that earned the BOMBSHELL title, it was this!!

Wow... I think we can assume this is the source of the pre-Summit freak out from Dems and the MSM. Nowhere are they even attempting to refute this statement by Putin.


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Wapo refuted it by stating "there were no contributions linked from x to y" but they didnt really elaborate on where they got that info

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I'm apprehensive. It sounds too good to be true. But I will wait to see the proof. I want to see the proof!

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Putin set up the claim by mentioning the treaty that exists that allows for sharing of information and evidence on international criminals.

I would guess that this is only the beginning.

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...... and she still lost!!!!!

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Turns out democrats run their presidential campaigns the same way they run their school systems.

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Into the ground? Yep

[–] Pwning4Ever 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

And planned Parenthood.

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Just in what was known to be spent and MSM support in violation of campaign finance laws, Hillary spent over two BILLION. Let that sink in.

Most expensive campaign ever, in the planet. Fully supported by msm. Rigged votes. Rigged elections. Still lost.

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Isn't that awesome

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Oh snap! I hope Putin's security detail is a match for Hillary's wet work squad.

Might be a good time to avoid flying and stay away from large events. I suspect the swamp may be cooking up a false flag to divert attention.

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I'm pretty sure Putin's body count is much higher than Hillary's. He's fine.

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I'm not. A good assassination looks like a suicide or an accident. It's not really possible to figure out which one has a higher body count.

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I doubt the Chicago mafia has any power in Russia.

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Pretty sure they've gone international at this point.

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False flag will happen next week guaranteed it's been too long since the last tragedy

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It boggles my mind the hoops that the left jumps through to actually want this meeting to go south. Why would anyone want bad relations between the United States and Russia when they together control 90+% of the world's nuclear arsenal. The FBI was caught helping Hillary with damage control for the election, and that's a fact. The DNC rigged the primary against Bernie, that's a fact. They can't seem to look inward for anything, they have no agenda for the coming election and they will lose really badly.

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For nearly two years now, the Left has been screaming from the mountaintops that the Russians hacked the DNC, stole their data and gave it to Wikileaks. If that is true, does that not mean everything that the Right has been saying about Hillary and her cronies is true? Because those leaked emails seem to demonstrate that not only was the DNC rigging their primary against Bernie Sanders, but also what definitely appears to be influence peddling, the storing of Special Access Program classified information on insecure servers, granting uncleared people access to that information, and lots of thinly veiled references to child trafficking.

Either the Russians hacked the DNC and therefor the allegations of corruption within the DNC are true, or the podesta/hillary emails are fake news, and then so is the russian hacking. It can't be both.

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Logic. Stop it. Bad.

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Assange said the DNC info dumped on Wikileaks was from an insider, not a hack. It was further determined when the leaked files were accessed and the sheer amount of data was far too great for their internet bandwidth to handle over the short amount of time it was accessed. It could only have been copied by physical access on their local network. They still don't deny the leaked info is legit and much of it is independently verifiable through confidential information and server signatures.

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It will suddenly make sense if you start thinking of it in terms of religion. Try arguing that someone's religion is wrong, they don't have facts, they have faith and faith negates facts every time. You will never get through so long as they still have faith

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Just thinkn about the absurdity of the dnc.. it makes me think someome behind the scenes wanted trump to win.. all killary had to do was apoligise to bernie, make him her vp and she would have won!! Vp has no fucking power , why wouldnt they do this???

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Because Hillary owed Tim Kaine for stepping down from his chairperson of the DNC to let wasserman Schultz come in and bankrupt the DNC so Hillary and her money could take over and guarantee that she was the nominee this time. They owed Kaine for his work in the plot/bribe. Hillary couldn't kill everyone to get what she wanted that's where bribery and favors come in.

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all killary had to do was apoligise to bernie, make him her vp and she would have won!! Vp has no fucking power , why wouldnt they do this???

Because she was sure she didn't need to. She was sure she'd already won, before the election.

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Did we just see Putin do a mic drop??

[–] samuraichococat 1 points 22 points (+23|-1) ago 

... It's... Happening???!?

[–] dontmindthemess 0 points 12 points (+12|-0) ago 

I think I just a collective “Aw, fuck...” from the Dems.

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God I hope so

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Right on schedule according to Q.

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I checked it's not. The lefty subs on that other site are just calling Trump a traitor for simply meeting putin and ignoring all content of the meeting.

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The whitehouse used to have news stations broadcast specific stories at specific times. They should totally use this influence to make CNN read words off of the TelePrompTer at whatever time of day Nickelodeon is slow so that they have a viewer or two on the left who sees it.

They should also interrupt every single stupid leftie comedy show to broadcast the message as well.

Yeah that would be fucking hilarious.

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And all the Lefties & MSM can say is how Trump “betrayed” the country. Fuck them. We need a war. They all need to go.

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The powers that be want the USA to have a civil war. That way they can suspend the constitution and government and declare a state of emergency and bring in the nwo. As fucked up as the left and liberals can be they are like are stupid brother or sister we have to protect for ourselves others and their own good. It sucks but it is true.

[–] Pissed_Off_Vet 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

I disagree. I think ZOG thinks that wil happen but what will teally happen is a recognition they’re behind all the strife & the Left rabble-rousing. Once they’re identified by anyone not willing to be their drone, they’re done.

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Surprised no one on voat knows about Browder. He's as Supreme Jew/NWO as it gets. Think Kurt Eichenwald if he was a billionaire with million dollar hooks in every western politician he could get.



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A Supreme Parasite of Global Extortion "slurp slurp suck.... burp... Muh Jew Power"

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