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Calling the Jews "Jews" is anti-semitic

really activates those almonds

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You know it's funny I'm starting to get as desensitized to the expression "anti-semitic" as I am to the terms "racist" and "Nazi." Sometimes I just want to look at facts. Sometimes those facts cast an entire race or religion in a poor light. Trying to hide that only makes you look like a criminal trying to get away with something. Which is probably the case.

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Anti-semitism is just the yiddish word for truth.

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It fits so well.

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If you run Waterfox, or Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc... INSTALL "(((Coincidence Detector)))" plugin !!!

Hilarious and best browser addon.

It adds (((echos))) to all jews in all news sites in all articles via a database.

Right on every web page !!!


It magically also typically and humorously adds echoes ((())) to the word Them , They, He, Him, She, in the correct context !!!!!

I think it is a curated database somewhere for these funny (((They))) appearances in newswires.

Google and other forces have been trying to shut down access to (((Coincidence Detector))) for a long time.

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I had to shut it off on Reddit. If I'd type a jew's name, it'd AUTOMATICALLY add the echos into my comment. ... and if I added them myself, it'd double them.

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That is hilarious. I shall check it out

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It's good. I was checking youtube videos with it and watching movie reviews and wasn't really expecting anything, and sure enough, half of the actors were (((chosen ones))).

I wasn't even searching for jews lol. It is hilarious. Then I saw a beauty youtuber presenting a haul or something from (((Calvin Klein))). Dude, with that addon, you will see the chosenites everywhere.

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I want a "They Live" meme where Roddy looks around and sees (((Jew names))) everywhere.

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Does anyone know the origin of this? First I ever saw it was here.

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I think jews started using it on twitter so they could tell each other apart and we started using it against them then they cried out in pain. It was like anudda shoah

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So let me get this straight: (((they))) invented it and now it is (((antisemitic))).

Can't even make up this shit! mother...fucker...!

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Kikes actually like to wear golden stars around their necks to self identify, and did so prior to WW2. lol so I would believe this too.

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No they didn't create it. There was a chrome plugin that added them wherever a Jewish name was found. It was not Twitter only and it wasn't self identification. That's why they cried anudda shoah, they were found out way too easy.

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Unironically pushed by Jews as an easy way for AI to find/censor bad goys

If you do it on Reddit I believe your post gets autohidden for example

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It was in some unclassified cia docs. it's been in use for decades in the intelligence community. I'm not government either it was on voat a while ago.

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Stalin started it except he used [brackets] instead. As for the (((modern))) iteration it started with an Alt Right podcast fashthenation (I believe) and early on they had equipment issues and coincidentally every time they talked about the Jew their equipment would (((echo)) so it became a running gag and spread from there

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FUN FACT : 85% of jews don't mind non jews calling them the word "Jew".

15% do take offense at being named or outted.

Its almost like being called "White" if you are White. Most whites don't think its a derogatory phrase, and don't mind being white.

Blacks and Hispanic central americans HATE being identified with whatever current euphemism of choice for Negro is in vogue.

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The say they don't mind. But they do. They really do.

Like how most of whites don't mind if someone calls them white, unless you put them in a room full of niggers. Then suddenly that person feels really insecure by a pack of niggers calling him white.

That's basically how jews feel most of the time - outnumbered.

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I'm surprised that page after page of holohoax nonsense doesn't pop up

Didn't jews start the echoes themselves?

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From what I recall it started with TRS (therightstuff?) podcast.

Kikepedia says so anyways....https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Right_Stuff_(blog)

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I am interested in clockig how fast this effect happens. I amguessing the ADL, SPLC, JDIF or Shareblue shill is already contacting Jewgle.

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everything has to be antisemitic

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Identifying the problem is the first step in it's removal.

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Found the alcoholic.

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