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katy perry justin bieber and barrack obama.are the 3 most followed people on twitter lmao

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Katy Perry is a coal burner

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Problem is blond hair blue eye women are choosing to turn their kids into BROWN.

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Now all twatter has to do is adjust the algorithm to bypass Hussein's bots.

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https://archive.fo/510AJ :

Obama Loses 2 Million Followers in Twitter’s Crackdown on Fake Accounts - The Daily Beast

'With more than 101 million remaining followers, Obama remains the third most-followed person on the site, a few million followers behind singers Katy Perry and Justin Bieber. '

'Former President Barack Obama lost more than 2 million Twitter followers on Thursday as the social-networking platform launched a new crackdown on fake accounts, according to a preliminary analysis from The Daily Beast. '

'As the first day of the Twitter purge wrapped up, Trump had more than 53 million followers left. '

'At press time, the Twitter purge had cost Obama 2,346,119 followers, or more than two percent of his audience on the site. '

'Twitter announced Wednesday that it would start deleting accounts that had been locked on suspicion of being hacked or used for spam. '

This has been an automated message.

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All of a sudden the bot narrative is silent when this happens.

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No one cares about shitter.

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Except for those measly few hundred million people.

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You mean cats.

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And they WON'T refund his $500 he spent to get that many followers.

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Reminds me of all those phantom people at Hillary's campaign rallies.

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Someone posted a story on Twitter yesterday and crowing about how Trump had lost about 100K at that point (I think now it sits at around 400K). Not hearing much about it now.

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