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This is why I can't watch any TV. It's the same bullshit formula over and over. Movies, same thing. They remake classic films and completely destroy the product by insisting on delivering social justice messages. To me, it's so blatant, that's all I see. The entertainment is gone.

Here's what I think of a recent Netflix series I tried to watch

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It's been over 20 years since I gave up TV. Seeing it at a family member's house or on the waiting room tv at the VA it's really fucking obvious how much pure propaganda it is. It's gotten so distilled that you can see, in each segment, multiple levels of propaganda interleaved amongst each other in the same scene.

And it goes on, 24/7, on 500+ channels. That's a huge amount of money for propaganda.

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this is jew propaganda. call it what it is.

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All glory to the hypnotoad

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Same reason shitlibs like to make shitty little chants everywhere they go. Dont think. Dont talk. Just repeat the rhythm.

♪The sheep go marching one by one to war, to war. they do not know ((who)) they are fighting for, what for?♪

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Don't think. Don't talk. Just draw outlines in chalk.

There's a chant for you.

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Definitely need one more syllable in the third sentence.

Don't think. Don't talk. Just draw outlines in the chalk. ♫

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'What do we want?!' 'BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!' 'When do we want it?!' 'BLAH!'

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Another thing that blows my mind is how when 1 Hollyweird faggotcomes out in support of a right winger is how they ALL ATTACK! A good example is when Bono (Lead singer U2) Came out in support of Bush after 9/11 Everybody wanted to end him. Even South Park made an episode calling him a pos.

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He did? I thought he was a Hollywood faggot himself?

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He was for the most part but when he spoke up for Bush about the 9/11 funding they all went "lefto" on him

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Why do you follow people like Bono? If you must waste your life watching a screen, at least turn on Jordan Maxwell or Stephan Molyneux to get a different opinion.

E: When you are old, you won't be able to run around and have fun. When you're old you may have an excuse to veg in front of the TV, but most of you are young enough to have a fucking life!

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I don't follow anybody I was only saying out of all those people Bashing Bush during 9/11 He was 1 of the only ones and said we should listen to our President. I am not a sheep, I don't follow anybody, I see the MSM but I don't WATCH the MSM. I didn't know I had to put that in crayon,



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Well let's not pretend churches don't do the same damn thing.

That said...Pat robertson hasn't been on the air for a damn long time. So I'm more sympathetic to the conservatives at this point.

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What kind of 'church' have you been to?

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Definitely not a Lutheran church. The sermons are good, but damn are they boring and thick as fuck.

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This was the same case with the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. I quit watching talmudvision years ago. It's brainwashing trash. In fact all talmudvision shows are meant to program their viewers regardless by repetition and subtlety. Just watch a tv show or film from 60 years ago compared to today and you'll see how much values have changed. Although, even back in the 50s there were hints of feminist propaganda in movies and tv shows.

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I watched Colbert Report for about a year in college. I know he has been compromised, maybe from the start. But that show was damn funny back in the day.

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Saved this to show libs in September, once Hillary's server and Weiner's laptop are made public.

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Lol no explanation is needed. Its a stupid shit show and it isn't funny.

They haven't been funny since 2014-2015 when they all became enraged in anyone questioning the narrative about the fucking nigger pets they seem to care so much about.

Niggers who dindu nuffin and 'they just keeds' redpilled me

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