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Absolutely REKT! That used to be a standard measurement of a man's honor, character and loyalty. If he would have an ongoing long term affair (not just a temptation that he succumbed to in the heat of the moment, as men can do), cheating on his wife and lying to her, how could you ever trust him to be loyal and honest to you? But now, apparently it is out of bounds and you are a worse person for bringing it up than the guy is for cheating and lying.

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REEKKKTT!!!! Absolutely agree. I think the fact he was tweeting with the woman he was having an affair with is ABSOLUTELY evidence that this mother fucker has no god damn honor or integrity. YOU DONT CHEAT ON SOMEONE WHO LOVES YOU!!! YOU DONT!!! EVER!!!! YOU DONT HURT THOSE YOU HAVE PROMISED TO LOVE AND CHERISH. Fuck this fuck. LMAO - Only the dumbest mother fuckers in that room had anything good to say about this shit head. And fucking lol "PACIFICALLY" whatever the fuck her dumb ass name is. Can't even pronounce words correctly. These people are fucking outrageous. How the fuck did they acquire these positions!!??! Felt like I was taking crazy pills!

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Sheila Jackson Lee. Super low IQ

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HAHA Fuck. PCIFICALLY. A few of us in here had a field day with that bullshit while it was happening. These mother fuckers should be fucking fired on principal. How can ANYBODY watching this shit even rationalize the shit that was coming out of these people's mouths?? FUCK~!

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I had just been discussing this with someone earlier today and made the same point. Married and caught cheating and your boss finds out? Time to look for a new job. Neighbors and friends find out? Might as well move cities because nobody will ever want anything to do with you anymore.

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absolutely and while I would never be adulterous to my wife did you see this Lisa Page thing he cheated with? so not only is he dishonorable but hes got some shitty taste as well

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Psychopaths do it all the time! His behavior reminded me of that baby murderer Jodi Arias... (spelling?).... he hit every point on the checkpoint list. The personality flips were bone chilling. He was a different person for each congressman. And the barely concealed rage at being accused of lying... then instantly putting on little boy charm... fuck he’s morally insane.

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I noticed that as well. How pleased he looked when a Dem patted him on his little head, not understanding that they hate him, but he makes a good pawn to use as a wedge against the Repubs, and will discard him as soon as he is no longer useful to them.

I cannot wait until the body language lady breaks this down.

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There is less to see in regards to body language with Stzrok than with most "normal" people; likely a result of training. You don't think guys like this aren't exceptionally aware of what they're projecting with their body language? They learn what deceptive body language looks like in order to deal with suspects- if they know what not to do, they can practice it.

But there's always something. It just might be a bit less to go off of in this case.

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Send me her link or post here so I can enjoy it too!

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theyll arkandiscard him with 2 to the back of the head

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Didn't they yank her YouTube for the Vegas shooters brother vid?

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He did have a smug look and WTF is up with niggers trying to act like a moral compass. STFU Maxine Cunt!

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"You must be off yer meds!"

A few days earlier


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https://archive.fo/Bmjul :

Anti-Trump FBI agent tells Congress that grilling him is 'victory notch in Putin’s belt' | Daily Mail Online

'And, at two and half hours into the hearing, 72 members still had to question the FBI agent. ', "He then demanded again that Strzok answer Gowdy's question. 'Counsel with the FBI is sitting behind me, may I consult with them?' Strzok said. 'Only with your own counsel,' Goodlatte replied. 'So I can't talk to FBI counsel?' Strzok asked. 'Only our own counsel,' Goodlatte replied.", "The Republican congressman from South Carolina also asked the FBI agent why he was dismissed from special counsel Robert Mueller's team, asking if it was because he was biased in his views.", "FBI Director Chris Wray says the FBI has referred to internal disciplinary officials employees who were singled out for criticism in the inspector general's report.", "Gerry Connolly called the moment 'a new low in the United States Congress. 'The contentious moments were there from the start."

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Not one of them asked the simple question: "Can you please tell us everything you did that was illegal while at the FBI?"

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Because you could simply answer "I plead the fifth" and that retarded question would be immediately dismissed.

Fifth amendment says you cannot be compelled to self-incriminate, meaning if you are asked a question to which you know the answer is "I broke the law", you can plead the fifth. It's up to prosecutors to form questions in a manner that when asked, the defendant doesn't even realize they're self-incriminating. Vast majority of convictions are achieved via self-incrimination; a suspect will start casually blabbing to officers and offering bits of info they weren't asked for, foolishly not knowing it's going to be used against them in court.

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That's the exact answer I would be interested in him giving. If he refuses to answer then he's saying that he does not want say what he did that was criminal because he doesn't want to incriminate himself. You can't prosecute based on this but from what I can tell these congressional hearings are all show.

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So? Where's his cunt girlfriend that said she didn't need to sit before Congress?

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Deciding how many drugs to take before hanging herself on a doorknob with a red scarf... and shooting herself twice in the back of the head... and then decisions about what to wear for photos when she’s discovered! Decisions, decisions!

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qualifies as a superdouche in my opinion. and lisa page kinda looks like a rodent - my first thought he should have responded "gophers need sex too"

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I love how all the dems flipped the fuck out on Ghomert here.

He's a fucking pimp

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