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How about if millennials actually supported them in doing so, to also protect THEIR FUTURE as well, instead of undercutting them and becoming SJW faggots who act like the old timers are racists?!??!?! Enjoy your student loan debt and poor career outlook faggot.

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Millennials are the "children" of this equation. Most of us were far too young to "support the execution of foreigners" when it would have mattered- our boomer parents WERE old enough to know better.

Face it, the boomers failed their children on the whole. All of the shit we're neck deep in right now has been coming down the pipes since the 60s- and when we get old enough and wise enough to recognize "This world is fucked up, and it's not the world I was supposed to inherit", we start asking "Why? What happened?" And the clearest answer right now is "boomers happened- they were okay with giving everything over to jews, they were okay with foreigners, they elected our leaders, they lobbied for legislation- and now we're the ones who have to fucking live with the consequences."

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I saw plenty of baby boomer men who tried to hold the line on all this shit (I am not going into the absurd executing foreigners aspect, that was never on the table to any sane person) and they got REKT, both by society and their own wives and children as sexist, racist bigots etc. The biggest failure of the boomers was allowing media and TV's to invade their families lives and brain wash them. After that no one stood a chance to stand up to this shit and not be trashed by their brainwashed families.

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Midnight Blue, we were victims too. You have no idea what most boomers have had to deal with. It's not too late.

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Face it, the boomers failed their children on the whole.

Hmm, then why did our congressman give him his highest recommendation to [elite school]? (to which he was accepted)

A: Because he wasn't raised to be a whiner who blames others for perceived injustices.

To be sure, the Millennials as a whole are strong evidence that quality control was thrown out the window somewhere along the way.

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old timers are the greatest generation, not the cuck boomers.

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Student loan subsidies and job shortages are boomers fault you fat useless antiwhite piece of shit.

I hope your children disown you.

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Lots of boomer's children, like you, disowned their fathers. For being sexist, racist, bigots for trying to hold the line on all this shit. You thought Hollywood and celebrities knew more than your old man who saw all this shit coming starting in the 60's. Enjoy it now fucker!

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We're the biggest voting block now wrinklebag. Better start being nice, 'cause your mandatory euthanasia age just got one year closer.

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Potential voters, you're nowhere near the biggest block of actual voters. Not even 2nd. You limp dicked faggots are too busy watching jewtoobe and sipping $15 coffees to vote.

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Why do I have to be in the same generation as idiots like you? You pretend you already know how the world works then say stupid shit like

We're the biggest voting block now wrinklebag.

From http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/04/03/millennials-approach-baby-boomers-as-largest-generation-in-u-s-electorate/

As of November 2016, an estimated 62 million Millennials (adults ages 20 to 35 in 2016) were voting-age U.S. citizens, surpassing the 57 million Generation X members (ages 36 to 51) in the nation’s electorate and moving closer in number to the 70 million Baby Boomers (ages 52 to 70)

Even if we had more of us who were of voting age as boomers, a much smaller percentage of us actually vote - http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/04/03/millennials-approach-baby-boomers-as-largest-generation-in-u-s-electorate/

Don't be a dumbass millennial and give the rest of us a bad name. If you want to make unsubstantiated claims (Hopefully not using politically biased rockthevote.org as your source), at least don't act like you're speaking for the rest of us.

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Don't get into the whole blaming others for your problems. It is a dead end.

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Except that the boomers that can't retire keep planting this idea that millenials are bad so they can keep their jobs.

I'd rather see those spoiled fucking boomers thrown into a tree shredder than take a job from a single millenial White.

I have no pitty whatsoever for the boomers as a group. They should be thrown to the wolves in their old age, like they did to their offspring.

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You sound like a man who is bitter about his father.

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Boomers can’t retire because then their health benefits would go down and their insurance rates would go up. They are stuck.

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Obvious upset over being one of the defects.

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I am a boomer. I am absolutely nothing like that. Fuck you and your divide-and-conquer bullshit, or should I say shillshit?

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Yep, thought the same damn thing.

Divide and conquor.

We had a big part to play in this mess but vindictive and angry libtard screeching won't fix anything.

This angry ranting of his is basically an attempt to inoculate any of us from being willing to take a sober look at how our actions fed into the current mess.

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How about if they didn't take useless classes like gender studies, worked for a living and stopped mooching off their parents?

My kids are gen M and all own a house. Are happily married and I have white grand babies.

How about you raise your kids right and stop blaming your mistakes on the next generations?

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Who is taking gender studies classes? I've never actually seen one available.

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Your view of history is to short. This was a fight going on even before the parents of the "Greatest Generation." Andrew Jackson come to mind as the beginning of it all and it has been a slow chipping away at our core American values since him. Yes the dam broke with the Boomers in the 60s but this has been a fight for the control of the American people for a very long time.

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Your view of history is too short.

A LOT of people have this problem. It’s like history started in the year 1900.

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Ask this question. How many Boomers do you see out there in Antifa, supporting the Immigrants, saying Bring them on in. A lot? A few? How about none. Who are the SJW's?Antifa? All faggot do nothing millennials? I'm neither so I have no dog in this hunt, but I can say without a doubt. The millennials have done Fuck All other than fuck things up worse. Reminder, California use to be a Republican State of Boomers. The Boomers made if for them, They fucked it up. Its like Niggers fucking up Africa. They have the opportunity to make it better, choose not to.

So, go back to that original question.

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Generation baiting is divide and conqueror.

Antifa existed since the 1920s and was founded in Germany during the Weimar, it was a alliance between many smaller groups who constantly attacked NSDAP from speaking in public squares, primarily cities. Once they organized this alliance effort to viciously attack political dissent together with the Weimar police and military, (but they weren't 'fascist' for doing so of course because cognitive dissonance) the NSDAP created the Brown Shirts who were there to defend the NSDAP public square speakings. Of course the kike media and historians tell it like the brown shirts were the instigators and the ones who attacked others.

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So ... this is how the jews poison the well ...

With thunderous pilpul and bullshit.

And lots of fake upvoats on a 3 month old account's post to push it to the top. GJ, jews. You're reddit-izing voat.

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Yep, glad you see it too, this is to brain-drain our willingness to introspect and fix things on our end--and an attempt to redirect our anger at a younger generation.

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