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Gohmert made a very good point.

The guy did claim that he never lies.

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Fbi faggot is using the truedue defence, smirk, then deny memory of crime.

If this fuck does not go to jail for his crimes, you have no justice system.

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Don't worry, we don't, so he won't

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Who was the fucking cunt telling him "he needs his medication">

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I thought it was Maxine trying to sell some dope.

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Bonnie Watson Coleman is 73. Get your death pool ready, but I am sure Maxine or Nancy is going first.

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I might take this as a writing prompt.

In a world where people take medication that prevents critical thinking, one man's refusal to partake will lead to revolution... or death.

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https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=dI1JD4NH9kA&feature=youtu.be :

Strzok hearing erupts after Gohmert accuses agent of lying - YouTube

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“I don’t know” and “ I can’t remember”... the most common phrases used by career criminals!

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My first time even seeing that this terrorist and you can just tell he's evil. Oh and, was that Maxine in background trying to sell some drugs?

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