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More like Goym privilege. (((They))) don't care weather you're white or black, they will try to exploit you irregardless.

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"regardless", not "irregardless".

Point stands though, have an upvoat

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The goyest thing you can do is think in terms of "affording" children. Just have them. Have as many as you can, train them to help around the house and to support the family.

We will beat the Jew with our dicks.

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How much more can we take until some hero snaps and shoots some bankers?

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Take up arms against whom?

I see no difference between right wing cucks, jews, and sjw’s.

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I say we go straight for the jews. Why kill the pawns when it's taking the king that wins the game?

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Society needs Jewish people. They do however have a rotten group within them that they don't call out. This group needs to be removed from destroying the quality of life for everyone else.

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I see illegals walking out of wal mart in Tampa every weekend. They ALL have 6 anchor babies

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Focus only on the cause, not the fallout.

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I walked past some the other day coming out of a store speaking Spanish and I wanted to fucking clothesline them

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Stop asking for gibs and work harder you failure. You obviously didn't work hard enough.