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This needs to happen right across the white Christian Western world.

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It is. Countries being culturally enriched right now are countries that hate God, strong Christian countries are getting along just fine. Just as the Lord warns of in the Bible.

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They didn't raise rates because demographic per se, fertility rates across nations always take into account immigration (which is bullshit). They raised because women, particularly feminism have less of a hold. The less rights, education, and workforce dominated by women - the better your fertility rate. It's that simple.

Repeal the 19th amendment and you'll see Americas fertility rate rise like never before.

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women wish the competition would drop dead, and men seek to outdo the competition

female-led organizations are happy to cut their own success, rather then mutually profit because "susan in HR is such a bitch and that skank doesn't deserve the success"

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This is exactly right. This is why a large majority of men will always understand subtleties of free markets, equal justice and tenants of freedom. This is why women CEOs fail 99/100 times.

Women only have a care based morality, which is why they cannot be the majority of voters in a democracy AND a majority of consumers.

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Lol it's so true.

Why many women are so bitter and petty I don't get it. Especially if they are on their monthly cycle. Must be the hormones.

But what do I know, I never have any female friends. "The boys" are just more fun to hangout with, much more likely to have similar interest/hobby/view on life. Never want to get any close to any females unless I plan to make her my girlfriend, so I never had that friendzone experience. i try to ignore unattractive females, always, unless I don't have a choice, like work-related.

Maybe female voaters would think that I'm shallow, but why should I spend time with a dumb blonde if I don't feel like boning her?

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Future Scientists, Doctors, and Lawyers!

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White countries take note. Want to exist in the future? Get busy.

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Removing demographics that don't belong before they breed more is 1000% more important

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— a trend once deemed irreversible in Europe and used by globalists to justify mass migration from the third world." Sounds familiar, those trends again.

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Good news.

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This is because they now believe that they have a future, such is the power of nationalism.

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Even after getting called out, this user is still copy pastaing top comments from the article comments section. Seriously goats, check it out.

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Come up with an original comment, faggot. Quit stealing comments from the source.

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Everyone has a future. Except dead people.

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