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Pull his fucking Pension! Rewarding these fucks, architects to the destruction of our future is insane. He deserves Nothing!

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nothing will happen to him

if Trump was smarter he would have hanged a lot of people already

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As much as I would like to watch those fuckers swing, you cannot lead a return to constitutional values by breaking due process.

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Yes, you can. In fact, it is the only way.

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I have faith.

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Strzok looks so goddam smug and what irks me the most is I know nothing will happen to him. This will be a circus for a few days and then we'll never hear about it again and Strzok will go get some high paying comfy job and collect his gov't pension.

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I'll bet you a dollar that doesn't happen.

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Total circus zoo today in those hearings. It was entertaining to watch the left go bat-shit crazy when the right was hammering down on the witness. It was like reality TV. I really don't know why Strzok hasn't been fired, disgraced, stripped all the goodies the FBI would give him and just sent him packing back into society. But, that's politics for ya folks...

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Who's the old bag who yelled "do you need your medication?" to Gohmert?

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Bonny Coleman- D NJ

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That old bitch, whoever she was, needs an extra strength red pill in suppository form.

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Don't be a faggot. This is pro wrestling drama rama.

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Gohmert any of Gowdy, Jordan or Goodlatte are the ones you want to watch.

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