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I don't think anyone would kiss Merkel, that's fucking gross.

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She should be kissing Putin's dog.

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Everytime he draws France Germany or England he should put something Muslim in it

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I'm surprised you're not autistic enough to shop your own into it.

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When people say war for oil, they mean war for European oil. The US is the largest supplier of oil to the US. What they didn't have before came from Canuckistan.

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It's still about oil. Before shale, US had to import oil. Now that US exports, they have to ensure they have the market cornered so everyone else has to pay out the nose to buy oil.

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Canada was their biggest import source. They're not in the habit of bombing Canada.

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No, this is fake, Merkel never shows her tits, not even half of them.

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You know there's a couple of (legit) full nudes of her out there on the net

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I've got some nightmare fuel for you right here

Check it on Google images and Tineye. It's not shooped.

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Egad! It's a picture of an intimately engrossed Angela Merkel having fluids piped up between her legs, while at the same time asking to be paid!