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If a state elected to maintain the same level of payment, and if homecare providers opt to continue all voluntary payments presently being reassigned, then the rule may have no impacts."

So basically they're only going to lose the funds they were stealing. Maybe if you didn't force people to pay, you wouldn't have a budget deficit. I know this is probably a shock to Union leaders, but people willingly pay for goods and services that benefit them.


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could cost unions $71 million

which was never their fucking money to begin with

Unions are run by hypocrites and self-entitled asswipes.


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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services initiated a new rule that will prevent unions from collecting payments from home health aides, many of whom are caring for disabled relatives. Millions of dollars are paid to those caregivers each year from the federal government, but it is up to states to distribute the money. Several states have forced them to surrender portions of their dues to local unions in order to continue receiving their federal reimbursements in the past.

So, a more honest headline would be, "Trump ends corrupt states' involuntary unionization of health aides that accept medicare/caid/etc" instead of "EVIL UNIONS STOLE 71 BILLIONTY DOLLARS!!!!1"