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Used to be this massage parlor near me with a bunch of slant women and as long as you didn’t act an ass and tipped they would fuck you afterwards. Cops knew they didn’t shut it down for a long long long time. One of the times sayin “the patriarchy” is probably right. Women don’t appareciate sex workers like we do.

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I had an opportunity to do this but I just couldn't bring myself to fuck a random chick. I WANTED TO THOUGH.

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Also "prostitution and other vice-related violations." Which, letting customers touch your goods when it's against local laws would fall under.
It's not pizzagate.

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Miranda Panda also arrested ? 0_o

sure it's not Pizzagate ?

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How do those two tie together?

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Yeah she probably jerked off a cop lol

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Those little dicks are'nt going to jerk themselves.

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Thank you for showing some sense.

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I wonder how many undercover cops she fucked before they decided it was enough to charge her? All of them?

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They waited until she refused the nastiest one.

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.. also arrested was 'MIRANDA PANDA' ???

lol pedo CONFIRMED

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FYI. Reports are that her charges were dropped

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All charges were dropped against stormy according to a report I just caught on the radio.

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Know what you call Stormy with a runny nose?


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