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I hope they throw the book at this piece of shit, the fuck ugly cunt he was banging, and everyone else involved in this bullshit. Also, slap them with the bill for the bogus Russia investigation with interest. Confiscate all of their collective assets to pay for it since they'll hopefully be in jail or at the end of a rope for treason.

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Make no mistake, this ends in Rope. It's the only penalty for treason.

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Recalled "to allow the Committee to consider a contempt citation."
Unless that's just legal jargon I don't get, that's not the same as will be.
This is at a hearing for an oversight of an investigation. It will just continue to go in circles.

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And whats the penalty for Contempt of Congress? Ask Eric Holder. Nothing.

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Yum... Now, that's a good latte. All that foamy comeuppance. Delicious.

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Did anyone see this app Watson-Coleman from NJ completely botch the English language and Strzok's name? What a feckless nigger.

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Every nigger on the Democrat plantation pronounced his name differently. It's hard to believe these creatures inhabit our halls of justice. They can barely speak. "Pacifically" Shelia Jackson. That sheboon needs to dealt with quickly.

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Great move on Gowdy's part. She shouted over over the top of him so he just yielded the floor , caught her by surprise and watched her chimp out when she really had nothing to say.

All the dims got owned today especially the black ones.

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Eek eek ook ook Strizock Trump eek ook chilren

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What does it mean to be held in contempt of Congress? Anything. Is it like something going on a kid's permanent school record - nothing?

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It's a criminal offense. Specifically a misdemeanor with a maximum year in prison and $1000 fine.

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Also, (((Nadler))) just looks like a fucking rat.

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What about contempt for his bitch