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"If it weren't for the trappings of power, citizens might mistake us for parasites"


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Don't be fooled, lower FBI agents are really pissed. They hate that these lawyer types come in, grab the higher up positions and then proceed to make their agency a laughingstock. We all can probably relate to this mentality in the workforce.


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lower freemasons are just nice old guys who are really active in the community!!!

it isn't the israeli people committing crimes!!!! it's that old nasty israeli government doing all the nasty stuff!!

give suspicious people the benefit of the doubt in the middle of an era of profound dishonesty!!! it feels better to have to do less work!!! trust the plan!!!


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I know a freemason, he's too stupid to be a threat to anyone but himself. Not everyone is evil that works for evil agencies. If that is the case, we are all evil.


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Watch Making of a Murderer. The FBI has also been repeatedly caught manufacturing evidence, fields of science, and techniques used in court rooms for everyday murder crimes. Their entire history of tarnished with corruption and wrongdoing. There is even basic questions of their constitutionality for their very existence. The FBI was created to find dirt on political opponents. Can we really be surprised at the current state of things?


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The FBI does make a compelling case that it's totally incompetent or a domestic terror group. This begs the question...

Below are only a few notable treasonous crimes they committed.

Of course, FBI linked to deadly Charlttesville riots. 2018

Jerry Drake and the FBI grooming yet another mentally ill patsy 2018

The FBI "spy program" has a long and sorted past of protecting killers and jailing innocent people.

FBI Insiders Blow Whistle on Massive Las Vegas Cover Up; Agents Told Not to Investigate Key Evidence Including ISIS Terror Link to Mandalay Bay Massacre 2018

FBI admits they were duplicitous in the Florida shooting 2018

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz 2018

Failed to investigate after multiple tips 2018

Trump, Russia and the FBI 2018

Don't bother us, we're busy with President Trump 2018

Departure of Andrew McCabe 2018

Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Secret Society and Comey 2017

Mr Comey, 2nd firing of director by President Trump 2017

FBI Clinton - Lynch tarmac cover up 2017   Update New FBI Emails Suggest Decision to Clear Hillary Clinton Was Made Severals MONTHS BEFORE Comey’s Announcement

FBI abandons local police in Garland Texas 2017

Ahmad Khan Rahimi 2016

Bungling of Hilary's email case 2016

Serial Predator Larry Nassar 2015

Patsy grooming 2015

IRS scandal 2014

Failed to act on intelligence about Boston bomber 2011

Natalee Holloway Extortion 2010

Hasan investigation 2009

Bungled Timothy Mcveigh investigation 2001

Anthrax attacker 2001

William Sessions, 1st firing of a director Bill Clinton 1993

Whitey Bulger, John Joseph Connolly Jr. 1980

Watergate 1972


J. Edgar Hoover building

Teapot Dome 1922

Bruce Bielaski raids 1919

Hey Howie, what do you think?

 Interesting website about FBI case of Judi Bari 2010


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Thanksnfor the list, it reminds me of noam chomskys book.. yes everybody hates him, but manufsctoring consent says basicaly this... the two parties are working together and he proves it with tons and tons of data its a hard book to read because he shows so many graphs showing contributions and how that money leads to results.. you might not like his liberal views, but that book put all doubt out of my mind as to who is running this country.. corporations and the jews who run those corporations... just look how much disney owns and who runs disney


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Anyone who remembers/has read about COINTELPRO already knew they were shit.