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They're not right wing, and they're not nationalists.

They're sionists that want slightly less immigration and are perfectly happy to not deport anyone that is already here. The party believe that anyone can be a Swede if they feel like it.

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So it might be better long term to vote hard left to cause an economic collapse?

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You joke, but you're not far away from the truth. The Swedish populace has been so mentally disabled by decades of socialist propaganda that they are no longer capable of thinking for themselves, as evidenced by their refugees welcome mentality.

For them to learn anything would require them to reach absolute rock bottom: a communist, feminist, green, open border, anticapitalist government. Only then, when the country is destroyed, will hard men appear again.

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Study this, internalize this, and grok this.

The polls are not polls. They are propoganda. This his how they work.

  1. Proclaim that the desired winner (the Socialists in virtually all cases) has 10-30% more support than they actually have.
  2. Hold this proclamation by whatever means necessary (usually by fraudulent oversampling) as long as possible
  3. When the actual polling (i.e. the election) is imminent, but at the last credible moment, claim that the polls have "shifted" and drop the boost to the desired winner to 0 (if they are ahead) or 3-7% (if they are behind)

This is how they push-poll their candidates while keeping normies from realizing that they have been lying the whole time (because the normies only compare the last few reports in the last couple of days to the results.)

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BTW, that means that since this is still weeks out, the right is actually 10-15% ahead, not 5% behind.

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Its like faking the polls isn't doing shit.

But maybe its reverse psychology, "see how close we are about to go Hitler, go vote for them most left." sneaky bastards.