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this is a great article. you need to read this to understand how the left have abused courts to enact their revolution since the communist party was proscribed in the 50s.

we can in fact put a stop to this AND roll back all the bullshit using the same logic they used to add it in, or even better just toss it all out as based on fake legal theory. but we need to get rid of this notion that there's such a thing as "settled law". there's only the constitution, as it is written. and whether laws violate or do not violate the constitution.

Just because a set of 5 judges say that you have a right to baloney sandwiches every 2rd freesday of every other odd Movember, and the nonsense manages to stand a few years, doesn't mean it is settled law we have to respect forever. If you want a right to a baloney sandwich then you better amend that constitution.