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If Juggalos are a street gang, the Muslim Brotherhood is DEFINITELY a terror group.

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What about the ADL?
They both do the same things and work to usurp our Constitution.
They're both terrorist organizations.

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What about 🇮🇱

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You fucking bigot, how dare you! The JIDF is a myth! And all Jewish people are lovely folk that need every single shekel we give them.

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Don’t forget to include their US operation, CAIR.

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This is good, then we can do away with cair who are tied to the Muslim brotherhood of bitches and goat fuckers.

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They're so extreme that Saudi Arabia classified them as a terrorist organisation back in 2014. Think about that. Too extreme for Saudi fucking Arabia.

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If this is true then that's fucking hilarious.

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Oh it's true. Not just the Saudis. UAE and Egypt don't like them either.


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Muslim brotherhood the group that clintons top aid had close ties too.. how close her fucking mom!

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Yep. Huma was Hillary's handler for terrorists in the Middle East. That's where Debbie and Awan enter. Traitors. Every last one of them.

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Muslin Brotherhood = Muslim Mafia

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Why don't we just designate all Muslims as a "terrorist group"?

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